How to Transport a Truck Across the Country

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For shipping trucks across U.S, it costs anywhere around hundred dollars for few thousand dollars. This would depend on things like how you’re able to get trucks transported through professionals.

Luckily, all transport services are there at reasonable rates so they’re appealing to a lot of types of budget. Individuals, manufacturers and dealerships would use such services on conventional basis because of high success rates and lower costs.

Before shipping trucks off with anyone you can collect quotes from a lot of transport companies. Thus, over what transporter needs offering and the rate that they’ve quoted you. Then you must book transport with best company with a wide range of services. Here are a few ways through which you can efficiently transport your car in the U.S. from one place to another.

Truck Shipping for Cars

Perhaps most common ways for transporting car cross-country would be to put this on semi-trailer, something similar to car dealers. Truck transport costs rely on factors like car types and conditions, season, distance with beginning and ending locations (distant and popular routes would be of less cost compared to shorter trips between the small towns, for instance).

Additionally, to door to door services, the companies are also able to transport between two of the central locations. This necessarily isn’t cheap as the price would vary according to different options like delivery window or guaranteed date for pickup, or an open vs, enclosed trailer.

The online marketplace, UShip would be for people for hauling goods, provided with quote range for transport through truck, beginning at about $1,100 while topping about $2,000. The site also posts auto transport services customer reviews.

Before you arrange trip through the broker, it would be essential to check credentials of the company through Better Business Bureau and also online with the help of transport reviews.

Also, you should check with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, through the use of motor carrier number provided by the company, to be sure that it’s licensed.

Always enquire about the insurance proof from the truck transport owner and beware from drivers and brokers demanding higher money upfront.

Rail Shipping Facility

Other options would be to load car onto train. For distances that exceed around 750 miles, the train transport would be a cheap alternative to truck, as per representatives from ShipCarsNow service with Union Pacific and now this would be UP’s Loup unit part – but they were not able to offer quote. On-time delivery of SUV from the Louisiana from Nebraska that got reported by pleased user ran about $1,500 to offer service door to door.

Vehicles with rail transportation are traveling in enclosed cars, although the shipper using the services of train cautioned that the cars still remain vulnerable to the vandalism while they sit in depots. The train transport is meant primarily for the auto dealers that move various vehicles at once, and also while individual owners are occasionally finding opened slot, it would be near impossible for ensuring specific day.

Such option would be available only for select locations and also pickup and drop-offs are still involving tucks, most probably for added fee.

The Amtrak would run on car transport services meant for snowbirds, putting vehicles on train while riding along convoy between stations near Washington, D.C., and also towns neat the Orlando, Florida.

With one-way fare meant for passenger and car would anywhere range from around $334 to about $517 in the month of August and September. The trip time is for around 18 hours.

Self Driving

This would be among the most obvious solutions with the cheapest ones for people who want time for sparing and this would be for driving car yourself. The Internal Revenue Service Standard mileage rate with 18 cents is though using purposes (that are based on variable costs of operating vehicles, like oil and gas), the 3,000-mile trip cost is around $540.

Although distance can get covered in about 48 hours with rotating shifts of two drivers as it requires five overnight stays for a diver for safely making trip.

Still a lot of roadside budget hotels are charging them with $40 to around $70 for a night, making the five-night cost around $275 (median pricing).

What’s involved in Truck Shipping?

While shipping car across country, a lot needs to be kept in mind like shipping cost, weight, type, etc. Here are the factors to consider while you ship car across country:

The Date

The very best-case scenario would be booking in advance so you’re possibly able to do. If you’ve got expedited service (whether that’s about quick pickup, fast delivery or a lot), slightly increased car shipping cost can be expected.

Type of Transport

It’s either open or closed transfer option for cars. However, the open transport transfer is the cost-friendly one. A lot of shipping cars cross country the country average would be meant for such transport. However, if you require transport for luxury vehicles, specialty vehicles and classic cars, you can consider additional cost of car shipping in enclosed transport that shields it from weather and debris related damage for long distances.


Shipping cars across countries take up more than a week. One must be ready without the vehicle for minimum of that period of time. The waiting time doesn’t imply to higher transportation costs.


It’s best to have online tracking options along with 24×7 support to customers regarding the current status of their shipment and other info.

Upon shipping cars, the dedicated advisors thoroughly monitor vehicles around clock while providing regular updates to status through phone and email.


Before moving the customers must ensure that the shipment is getting handled by professional vetted car carriers with extensive experience. Upon confirming everything you’ll get ensured that the car is on time and in prime condition when you’re expecting.

The total costs involved in using truck transport auto shipping services might appear less appealing while adding price of one-way flight ticket. Also, a vehicle getting shipped through car transport companies is not allowed to carry personal items within. Besides from issues related to insurance, truck drivers are quite conscious regarding excess weight that they normally don’t request one-quarter fuel tank in car. This would cost around hundred dollars for shipping few boxes that otherwise fits within the car.

Of course, the driving cost would significantly become high with unpaid week off the work. In such case, the most budget friendly thing would be to turn to trucks.