Wisconsin Auto Transport

The Badger State

The State of Wisconsin settles down in the central part of the USA, around Great Lakes. As well as the majority of names of American states, a word “Wisconsin” occurs from the name of one of American Indian tribes occupying these earths many years ago. This staff is known for the lakes and unique environmental conditions. The region shares on five geographical zones, each of which has own climatic features.

In the north there is the highest point of staff, 595 meter hill of Timms-Hill. In the central district the river Wisconsin proceeds. Here the most part of deciduous woods is concentrated. The chains of low hills surrounded with plains in the east tower. Here the nature concedes civilizations. Cities, farms, the industrial enterprises are in these parts located. The West represents wild district, with lonely houses of farmers between green hills and narrow canyons. In the south there are the numerous glacial lakes surrounded with birch woods.

So various nature and unusual landscapes annually involve thousand tourists to Wisconsin. To one of the most known and popular cities of staff is Milwaukee. It is possible to name this city beer capital of America. Such quantity of taverns and every possible bars isn’t present in one staff of the country. Capital of Wisconsin, a city Madison, is well-known for the sights, a picturesque coastal line and an abundance of the shopping malls located in all disctricts of the city.

In staff the small town Barabu which has settled down along coast of majestic lake Michigan uses special popularity. Here there is a world famous museum of circus and set of other curious constructions and sights. The archipelago Aposl being in the western part of the State of Wisconsin and consisting of twenty one islands of the small sizes, is the most desired place for walks at the majority of visitors of staff. Three ten the reserves, stretched on picturesque islands of archipelago involve with the unusual beauty and charm of sounds of the wild nature.

As one more place for pleasant pastime city Wisconsin Dells located in a southern part of region serves. This place is considered to be world capital of water entertainments. Here there is the biggest, open aquapark in America – «Noah’s Ark» and park similar to it, only under a roof – «Wilderness Territory». Wisconsin Dells, annually visit millions tourists. The world capital of water entertainments is pride of Wisconsin and its card.