West Virginia Auto Transport

The Mountain State

The western Virginia is in the southeast USA and is unique staff of the South Atlantic region not having an outlet to the sea. Because of an abundance of hills the Western Virginia name «mountain staff». In its territory there is not enough water, but it is a lot of mountains and greens. The subtropical and continental climate Here prevails. As well as in the next Virginia here hot and droughty summer, and also warm enough, but snow winter. Prominent feature of a geographical position of staff is it not predisposition to any acts of nature. Here extremely seldom there are hurricanes and other catastrophic natural phenomena.

It is a lot of centuries back on these earths there lived Indians of Aden. The culture of a tribe is betrayed for a long time already to oblivion, and the numerous ritual barrows which have remained after that epoch, tower till now over plains of the Western Virginia. The staff population multinationally. Here there live Americans, Germans, Englishmen, Irish and other representatives of the European continent. It is necessary to notice that the majority of Europeans are aboriginals of region as centuries ago their ancestors mastered local places on a level with Americans.

The western Virginia is one of the basic suppliers of minerals in the country. In its territory extract coal, iron ore, salt, oil and other useful products for manufacture. Besides here the animal industries are perfectly developed, widespread grain crops are grown up: corn, tobacco, wheat. Despite the huge contribution to development industrial and country agriculture, staff is considered one of the poorest in the state. However, last years the government of the USA does everything to suspend local population migration in other regions of the country, having created more favorable living conditions in staff territory.

Among numerous sights of the Western Virginia the cities of Charlestons and Ljuisburg, and wood reserve Monongahila are especially known, in the east of staff, for a long time differs special attention of the majority of tourists. Besides in the Western Virginia there are four more popular natural park. The city of Harpers-Ferri located at bottom of Appalachian mountains, is the main cultural component of staff. Here there are museums and the sculptures devoted to times of Civil war and the period of settling of the Wild West.

Tourism, in the Western Virginia, takes a special place. In many respects from flow of foreigners and inhabitants of other regions of the country, well-being of staff directly depends. In this connection city authorities annually suit with circumstance every possible festivals and holidays to involve on territory of staff as much as possible visitors.