Virginia Auto Transport

The Old Dominion State

State of Virginia settles down at east Atlantic coast USA. It differs the multinational population and the big historical value for all country. Many Americans consider, what exactly these earths have marked a birth of the United States of America. Traditionally, local places have been populated with the American Indian tribes which descendants live here till now, and to strong influence of the European culture, state is obliged to scale settling of Virginia by immigrants from Europe in the beginning of the last century.

Feature of state is the abundance of green meadows, high hills and the picturesque mountain rivers and lakes owing to what Virzhiniju began to name «small Ireland». In this region really there live many natives of Europe. It is connected with the historical past of state when to submit these earths went not only aboriginals of the North America, but also many Europeans. Besides here it is a lot of Latin Americans and emigrants from southeast Asia.

Dominant roles in economic development of state are played by the tobacco and chemical industry, and also mechanical engineering and agricultural crops. Here the corn, apples is grown up, soya products are made, the animal industries are well developed. Tourism takes a special place in region life. In small town Richmond a considerable quantity of museums and the architectural monuments having for state important value is concentrated. Fans of history and judges of the fine will find here a lot of interesting and can learn weight of the helpful information on occurrence of Virginia and its transformation into one of the most succeeding states of the USA. Besides Richmond is known for a large quantity of picturesque parks, such as the Botanical garden Lewis Dzhinter, Byord-park, Jamestown-park and many other things.

Hardly to the west of Richmond the most beautiful valley of Shenandoah where there are mysterious caves, majestic falls and rare on beauty exotic plants much was stretched. This valley is in territory of park of Shenandoah including boundless grape gardens and picturesque mountains. Round park the resort zones equipped according to the highest requirements of the world tourist industry are dispersed.

Rest in territory of the State of Virginia, as a rule, disappoints nobody. Here extremely comfortable conditions, and the soft climate are created, the developed infrastructure and magnificent natural landscapes promote good mood and allow to distract completely from daily cares, having plunged into the world of entertainments and pleasant pastime.