Tennessee Auto Transport

The Volunteer State

The State of Tennessee is located in the north of the country and geographically shares on three parts: East, Average and Western. All of them are divided among themselves by waters of the river with the same name. The hilly terrain with the highest top – Klingmans-Doum where the river Tennessee originates in the east prevails. Fertile valleys and mountains where dense coniferous trees grow, decorate natural landscapes of this area much. The plateau of Kumberlend is Srednego Tennesi territory, and along border of the western direction one of the most known rivers of the North America – Mississipi flows. In the United States of America of Tennessee name «Voluntary staff». It is connected by that during War for independence, the voluntary groups, played a considerable role in fatal fight here have been created at New Orleans, and also in other scale military battles.

It is known that Tennessee is one of the most ancient territories of America. Long time here there lived old American Indian tribes, many of which are unknown even to modern archaeological encyclopedias. British, and the first strengthening erected in these parts became the first European settlers on these earths, there was a fort of Laudon. For today it is considered a historical heritage of staff and Vonore, in east part of region is located near to small town. Following the results of Civil war and slavery cancellation on territories of the USA, Tennessee became one of states where the law on the racial segregation, limiting the rights of the black population within region has been passed. Only in 1965 this law has been excellent.

One of features of staff is the permission to manufacture of a special grade of corn whisky which differs unusual softness and fragrant aroma. One of the most known marks of the whisky made in Tennessee, it is considered Jack Daniels. Its recognition as capital of musical style “country” became One more important event in staff life. Annually in region territory scale festivals which are visited by leading musicians of the North America, and also fans of music, and the country, in particular, from all corners of a planet are held.

Staff capital is the city of Nashville known for the entertaining institutions, night cabarets and cultural sights. The big city of region considers Memphis. Here there is a set of historical monuments and the constructions devoted to military events of last years, and also settle down numerous business and shopping centers. Tennessee one of the most industrially developed and original states of the USA. Though it doesn’t use great attention of tourists from abroad, here come to have a rest visitors from other regions of America. The magnificent nature, a soft climate and the developed infrastructure actively promote economic growth of staff.