Pennsylvania Auto Transport

The Keystone State

The State of Pennsylvania is in the northeast USA, around hills Appalachian mountains. The largest cities of region are Philadelphia, Pittsburg and Harrisburg. In the southeast the picturesque area of Atlantic Coastal plain including hilly Piedmont plateau with the fast rivers and one of the most beautiful rivers of America – Delaware settles down. Hardly to the west there is Blue ridge, in a southern part of Appalachian mountains. Here, majestic mountain ledges wash the most beautiful falls. In this area of winter happen very long and snow, and the summer is short-term and is transient. The Northwest part of state is covered by woods and differs a soft continental climate. In March, here already starts to burn the sun, and summer heat costs almost to the middle of October. In general, the territory of Pennsylvania is extraordinary picturesque also many inhabitants of the North America come here on rest.

Dutches and Swedes became the first Europeans who have visited these earths, and Englishmen were the first colonizers. In 1681 English king Charles II has transferred to young Quaker William Penu an earth part, to the West from the river Delaware. There, Penn has based a colony and named its Pennsylvania, and some time after here the city of Philadelphia has been constructed. The next years because of skirmishes with Indians in state territory a considerable quantity to the people owing to what it was considerably reduced quantity of the population was lost. In 1790 in Pennsylvania the law on clearing of slaves has been passed, and state has appeared the first region in the North America, made such decision. During civil war between the North and the South, Pennsylvania was on the party of northerners.

In spite of the fact that state has no outlet to the sea, problems with water region doesn’t test. The abundance of large reservoirs, the rivers and lakes does Pennsylvania by one of the most fresh-water regions of the North America. In state territory there is a set of museums, galleries and the historical memorials devoted to events of civil war and war for independence. In the USA Pennsylvania even names «cultural Mecca» the countries. Most of all known cultural and historical sights is in the city of Philadelphia. The numerous centers of the entertainments, expensive private residences and smart skyscrapers in the same place settle down. Many tourists from Europe, coming to Pennsylvania, prefer to stop in Philadelphia.

In state territory numerous national parks and reserves are located. Most known of them it is military park Gettysburg, historical park Conducted-fordzh, parks of culture and state history – Eisenhower, Stimtaun and Stejt-park-fontejn. Natural reserves at bottom of mountains Pokono and Endless-Mauntins differ the picturesque landscapes and an abundance of the rare, wild animals living in these parts. In the city of Hershi there is a chocolate factory well-known for the whole world and a magnificent amusement park which is pleasant to all without an exception to children, coming to have a rest to Pennsylvania. This state enjoys wide popularity as among tourists from other regions of America, and of travelers from the European continent and other countries of the world.