The Hawkeye State

The State of Iowa is in a place of merge of two largest rivers USA, Missouri and Mississipi. Its structure includes small cities with the small one-storeyed buildings constructed on fertile plains which occupy the most part of territory of staff. It is leading agricultural region in the country. 95 percent of local population are occupied in agriculture. In Iowa the set of natural reservoirs, lakes and woods settles down. The geographical site of staff has predisposition to natural cataclysms, however it doesn’t frighten the local residents, for a long time got used to exist alone with nature whims.

One of features of staff is presence in Iowa enough impressive colony «Amishs» which live till now on the ascetic usages, according to their religion. Their settlements considerably differ from other cities of staff. «Amish» live families, in one aloof territory, and houses settle down nearby from each other. Thus, their place of residence reminds village in which all inhabitants well know each other and often visit on a visit. In houses there is no electricity and other attributes of a modern life.

From numerous sights of Iowa it is necessary to allocate the university with the same name and the Capitol building, in the city of Iowa-city. The special attention is deserved by the picturesque lake the Crystal-lejk located in the city of Dubuque. Besides in staff territory there is a scale Botanical garden and the old private residence of Brjusmor which are in an environment of dense vegetation of park surrounding it.

The State of Iowa has a large quantity picturesque parks and zones for rest where it is possible to spend time cheerfully and interesting. Natural landscapes amaze with the magnificence in the summer and in the winter, and comfortable hotels, in a combination to excellent conditions for entertainments and playing sports, involve here set of tourists not only from other states of America, but also from the European continent countries.