The Yellowhammer State

The State of Alabama settles down at coast of Gulf of Mexico, along hilly plains, in the north of Appalachsky mountains passing in spurs. The staff name occurs from the name of the local American Indian tribes living in these parts long before conquest by Americans of the Wild West. The main settlement and an administrative center of this region is the city of Mongomeri which is on river banks Alabamas. It is one of regular staffs in the south of the USA. It is a lot of years these earths belonged to different owners. Serially they were grasped by Frenchmen, Englishmen, Spaniards. Only in the XIX-th century beginning Alabama has completely taken over the United States of America.

The agriculture and cattle breeding are the basic industries of staff. Here in great volumes grow up a clap, corn, nut oils and various grain crops. In a XIX-th century Alabama was considered as one of the main suppliers of a clap, and on extensive plantations of staff the black slaves specially delivered here from the different countries of the African continent worked. In many respects these circumstances promoted that for today lives many people in Alabeme with dark skin color.

The most important sight of staff is the university of Alabama which is in the city of Juniversiti. In its territory there is a historical monument of these places – the White house of Confederation. It is a symbol of that epoch when Alabama won the right to be considered as one of the major agrarian and state industrial centers.

This southern staff isn’t a popular tourist resort where numerous tourists in hope go to see historical sights and to luxuriate in shining sun beams. Alabama is considered cultural property of the country and its important component in sphere of mechanical engineering, animal industries and conducting an agricultural craft.