Shipping Car By Train. What Are The Benefits?

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How to ship a car by train in the USA?

If you are thinking of shipping your car to another part of the country, then, the train is one of the best options. However, this is a very daunting thing to do as well. If you have more than one car and you are moving far away from one place to another within the country, it will be proper to drive one car and the other should be shipped to the location by train. This is a preferred method when you have to move a car for a long-distance. This happens when you are moving or buying a car from another city.

Shipping cars by train has gained popularity, and the cost of it has also become competitive, just because of the large volume of the car. When you want to ship car by train across country it takes a longer time than air or by road transportation. However, when you adopt this method of train it’s more cost and energy-efficient. The rates by air and road are higher.

The factors of shipping car by train

There are several factors you have to consider when you want to ship a car by train. The things depend on the price of your car, its weight, and size and the destination you want to ship it. The cost might not include the hauling of the vehicle from the train depot, also its often a cheaper option when you want to ship a car to the distance of 750 miles and more than that. It’s a good idea to check the quotes from different vendors to compare and then choose the right option.

  • After you check around for a good price for shipping your car, you have to select the most reputed and reliable company that find and collect your car from home and take it to the train depot. You have to ensure the company has a good track record.
  • You also have to choose if you want to go with an enclosed or open rail car
  • You have to arrange the shipment of your car, and you have to decide the period for it. If you want the delivery within a week or one month it’s up to you.
  • You can always ask the shipping company about the time frame of the shipping, and with your chosen line.
  • You need to remove any valuable items from the car, and that includes the accessories and the stereo system.

Not just cars you can send motorcycles, trucks, boats, and many more by train. So, when you are going on a vacation, you can ship your vehicle, it can be a boat, RV, by train, when you fly out to the destination. If you have prepared early, you will get the delivery ahead of time.

The options of shipping by train

When you decide to ship your car by train, you will not get unlimited options, because not everywhere rail routes are available. You have to find a location where you can get a train depot, and you can take the delivery from there.

  • It’s cost-effective and environment friendly

Auto transportation of cars charges the overland fees, and the different types of freights. The same thing can be very cost-effective when you go for train transportation. Here the method requires a carrier truck for the car for the door to door delivery. This large vehicle will collect the auto from the train depot, and then deliver it to the destination. If the auto transportation company provides rail shipping, then they should take care of the road taxes and other freights. They should also have a short-term storage facility. Shipping your car by train not only gives you a cost-effective service, but it also provides a good rating on MPG. There are fewer stops and uses less fuel, which results in fewer emissions of greenhouse gas.

  • Enclosed or open

Shipping cars by rain is somewhat similar to road transportation, and it also offers an open or enclosed carrier for cars. Technically it seems the same, but it’s still different in so many ways. For instance, open carriers are on the road, and the other is on the rail tracks. When you choose the method of an open carrier, you have to understand that due to its situation, your vehicle will go through bad weather, dust and squashed bugs will be stuck on the windshield. Still, train transportation is the safest one, as any damage happens the car insurance will take care of it.

When you are shipping your car in an enclosed carrier, it will offer you better facilities, but it will be a bit costly than the open one. However, you will get more protection for the vehicle, and you can ship other things with the car container. If your car is a classic and has more value, then, you must go for an enclosed carrier. This option is also available for motorcycles.

Also, there are some limitations when shipping a car by train, as the carriers have limited space for some types of vehicles. That is the reason, they won’t ship a car that is too tall, also they have limitations for the clearance of the lower ground. Most rail agencies offer shipping of the car to the length of 65 inches, and for bigger vehicles, it’s for 90 inches. You can negotiate this with the company.

Travel with your car

In the market, you will get both small and big auto train companies, and it depends on you which one you are going to hire. You can go for the shipping in a cargo-only train or a mixed-use one. This means you can travel alongside the car. This will allow you to check on the vehicle too. So, it’s crucial to check the details and quotes you got from the auto train company. You will find several agencies who offer this type of service, with them, you can transport your household goods and your car, then travel on the same train.

However, it’s always a faster method to ship your car by road, if you are in a hurry, otherwise, you can always go for two to 5 days shipping of your car by train. Then, once it arrives at the depot, your vehicle will be delivered to you by a truck.

The moment you want to ship car by train across country, you will get a cost-effective service, and all your priorities will be considered. You can ask for a quote from a reputed auto train company, and they will give you a good list of everything you need to know.