What does mean to ship cars cross country? That’s simple meaning to ship your vehicle throughout the US. Despite the simplicity of this concept when it comes time to ship cars cross country car owner face with a lot of difficulties. This article will help you to avoid common mistakes occurred during the shipping process.


The first question that comes into mind when you need to ship your car cross country is how much will I pay for that? A penny saved is a penny earned! We suggest getting as many car transport quotes as possible. Some companies offer to fill in special forms for that others have just phone number which you need to dial to get all necessary information. The second option is preferable if you want life communication.

On the average cross country shipping cost $ 0,4 cents per mile so if you need to drive a distance of 2 000 miles you will pay $ 800 dollars for that kind of tip. This is the cost of an open truck shipment if you need to use an enclosed truck or any additional options, be ready to pay 40-60 % upper the price.

Quotes can vary depending on the season, express shipment, vehicle size, type of transportation (open or enclosed).


The earlier you place an order the faster you will get your car. Don’t leave this for the last day if you are planning a Valentine’s Day with your beloved and she is in Florida and you are in Washington. You will need your BMW to impress her, won’t you?

Typically it takes 5-8 calendar days for the driver to deliver a vehicle to a place of destination from the date the vehicle is picked up. The average driver does 450-550 miles per day. On the other hand, it may take up to 7 business days to find an appropriate driver with an appropriate truck. If you have limited time frames order transportation as soon as possible.

Express shipment gives an option to pick up a car within 1-3 days, however bad weather conditions can influence the speed of transport.

Before car pick-up

Examine carefully your car, noted all damages it may have, take pictures of a vehicle. Wash it, even if it gets dirty after dispatch because when a driver will issue a Bill of Lading, it will be easier to disrobe your car condition without missing any significant details if it cleans!

We hope this article will help you to ship cars cross country fast and safe!

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