Shipping cars to Nigeria from the USA is relatively easy and quick when you utilize a car shipping agent. A car shipping agent has years of experience in shipping cars internationally and has complete knowledge about the shipping process, documentation, customs clearance, safely loading and unloading. When you provide details about your car, pickup and drop places, you can get a free quote of the total charges.


1. Cost to ship a car to Nigeria


The cost to ship your vehicle from the USA to Nigeria depends on the type of car, the method of transport, place from where it is shipped to/from and mode of transport.

You cannot ship cars or vans that are more than 15 years old. The price to ship a car from the US to Nigeria ranges between $970 and $1,650. You can reduce the cost to ship when you drive your car to the port yourself rather than choosing a shipping agent to pick it up.


2. Documents Required


Shipping cars to Nigeria from the united states requires clearance from the US customs. The following documents need to be submitted to the US customs to get their clearance.


a. The original bill of sale for the car.


b. The original title of the vehicle. If the vehicle has a lien on it, you must submit the lien release letter.


c. The signed power of attorney form.


d. The online shipping form with complete details filled in.


e. If you are a US citizen, you need to submit a copy of the EIN letter.


f. If you are a non-US citizen or without a US passport, you need to have a copy of the passport of your origin country.


You can reach out to a shipping agency you need to get any additional information.



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3. Conditions for shipping a car to Nigeria.


In order to safely send successfully ship a car to Nigeria, you must meet the following conditions.


a. Cars or vans that are older than 15 years are not allowed to ship.


b. You need to obtain Form M in Nigeria for all new vehicles to be imported before you initiate the shipping.


c. Have a clear title of ownership of the car with no liens on it.


d. You should not fill more than one-fourth of the gas tank. This is to ensure the safety of your vehicle and others during shipment.


e. All new cars that are bought should have the name of the owner listed on the front of the title registered owner.


g. If a car has been sold between the individual seller and buyer, both the buyer and the seller how to sign on the back of the title.


h. You need to verify if you need to file a FERI, BSC, ECTN or ASHI waiver certificates as required by Nigeria before your car enters Nigeria.


You can check for additional details from the official website of Africa CTN.



4. Vehicle import duty in Nigeria.


The import duty for most of the vehicles is fixed at 35%. New vehicles will attract an additional levy of 35% which totals to 70% of the car value. Apart from this, there are other taxes such as:


a. 7% surcharge other total duty calculated.


b. 1% tax on the FOB value, known as the comprehensive import supervisor scheme, CISS.


c. 0.5% tax on cost, insurance, and freight.


d. 5% VAT calculated on duty from the above-listed items.


You can contact the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC or Custom Services Headquarters in Nigeria to know more details about the current duty and taxes on importing vehicles.



5. Shipping methods.


You can choose one of the two shipping methods to import cars from the US into Nigeria. The RoRo shipping and Container shipping are the two usual methods used by the shipping agency. Your vehicles are most likely to land in Lagos, which is the first and the largest port in Nigeria.


a. RoRo Shipping method.


The RoRo shipping method is used for vehicles that can be driven in and out of the ship. The RoRo method is a short form of roll on and roll off method. This method is ideal for cars motorcycles campers, buses, trailers and other vehicles that can be moved on wheels.


When the vehicle is rolled onto the ship, it is safe and securely tied to the deck to prevent it from getting hit by the sidewalls and get exposed to the ocean and salt air.


b. Container Shipping method.


You can choose container shipping when you want to ship the car inside a container which gives more protection. Shipping in exclusive container costs more than a shared shipping container.


With a shared container, your vehicles will be shipped along with other vehicles in the same container. This is a cost-effective method but this method has wait time which could delay the shipment. You need to wait until the whole container is filled with other similar requests before it can be loaded onto a container ship.


You can choose exclusive container shipping bishops one car in the container. It ships faster without waiting time, and you can also include belongings inside the container.



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Get My Personal Car Shipping Quotes!