How to Move a Car in a Hassle-Free Way

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While arranging your to-do list for another state move, plan for how you should move your car. The easiest way to move your car is to drive it by yourself to the other state. But, that is not an easy task. It gets complicated when you are the only one to move the vehicle.

And, the situation becomes complex when you have more than one car to move. However, you don’t have to worry because there is a range of options available to assist you to move your vehicle long distance. Here are some ways to help you moving car in a hassle-free way.

Choose Transporter

This is one of the popular ways to move your car. An auto transporter moves your vehicle to another state and you don’t have to deal with that much. When you choose this type of shipping, you can forget your worries about driving the vehicle a long-distance and put miles on it.

Shipping of your car is done by placing the vehicle on an enclosed truck, or an open trailer. The overall cost of the shipment depends on several factors such as the distance to be covered, and the size of your vehicle. The pricing may differ on how the company plans to ship your car.

That means, whether your car would be placed on an enclosed truck or an open truck trailer. As you have imagined, shipping the vehicle through an enclosed truck is likely to cost you more money. However, if you are worried about possible car damage or certain weather conditions, an enclosed truck is the safest option available to get your vehicle from one point to another.

Don’t forget to ask whether the shipping company has a door-to-door delivery system, or it requires the consumer to pick their vehicle at the local center hub. Before hiring such professional service to ship your vehicle, ensure that they are insured and licensed.

It is recommended to check their credentials and reviews online. You can double-check the authenticity of such companies by searching on the US DOT numbers found on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. The rates for such service may range from $600 to $1000, and even more.

Car Driving?

Don’t want to put your car on the back of an open-air clunky trailer? If you have no problem with putting some extra miles on your personal car, you can go ahead and hire a professional driver to move the car for you. That would serve as a more personal experience.

Sometimes called concierge transportation companies, these professional driving companies provide you with a range of services that includes moving car from one state to another. You may be surprised to know that some of the drivers can take your pet on the ride.

They would stop for walks or toilet breaks during the journey. Your pet can stay in a motel with them when the drive goes overnight. This is a good choice if you are flying to your new destination and don’t want to have your pet stressed-out during the air travel.

Apart from the concierge transportation companies, other professional auto transporters provide such services as well. When you get to hire such a professional qualified auto transporter or a concierge transportation company, you get the complete assurance about the driver.

These drivers are covered by insurance and pre-screened before entrusting with the task of moving vehicles. These two key things you would want when you are giving your vehicle to a stranger. Don’t just look in the classifieds or other job websites because you can’t know who you are dealing with.

However, this option may be the most convenient one but it is not a cheap service. Hence, you can expect to spend more money rather than you would have while loading your car on the auto-transporter truck. You have to pay additional fees if you book the service at the last minute.

Vehicle Towing

There are some truck rental companies that rent out certain devices that allow you to hitch your vehicle to the truck. It safely tows the car to your next location. Whether you rent a car carrier or tow dolly depends on the kind of your moving car and how big it is.

This can be a great option for you if it is available. But, remember that not all cars can be towed in this way. If your vehicle has a front air dam or lower front end, you may have difficulties getting it up the ramp. Make sure to get a clear understanding of the hitch devices, and whether they would work on your car, or not.

Hiring a non-professional

Thinking about an affordable way to move a car? You can try enlisting a student, friend, or someone who can be trusted for a few extra bucks. Obviously, there are some risks associated with such tasks. But, when you hire a non-professional driver, it does have some advantages.

It is more affordable than many other forms and a personal way to shift your car. Ensure that you had agreed upon the price prior to the trip, and pay the driver after completing the move. Also, check your car insurance to make sure that it covers different types of accidents.

Driving Yourself

Driving your car to the new destination is perhaps the best way to move your vehicle. All you need to do is simply drive by yourself, like on a road trip. If your new location is not very far away, you can choose this option. Not only it saves you money, but your car will also be in the best hands. If you are moving out of state, it can be a difficult task. But, it is not impossible.


So these are some of the options available if you are thinking to move your car. Make a thorough understanding of all these options and choose one that serves you the best. Remember that your car is one of the most precious possessions.