Have you ever transport your car for a long-distance before? Do you have any experience in long-distance car transport? Here we will walk you step by step through a “jungle” of long-distance car transport.  Shipping from/to another part of United Straits can cost from $ 1 000 dollars and more. The amount depends on delivery details such as:


It won’t be a secret that long transportation costs more than transportation for a small distance. The other thing is if you need to ship to a small city that is not a part of a standard delivery route; you may need to pay the extra cost, but you can avoid this using terminal to terminal delivery.

Door to door delivery will save you time but not the money as, usually, it cost more.

Type of transportation

Basically, there are two types of transportation open transport and enclosed transport. Enclosed is more preferable if you need to ship an expensive vehicle because it protects from a possible road or season damages.

Vehicle type

The size of your vehicle is a significant fact that influence on a quote of transportation, the heavier your car is the more it will cost to transport. A modernized vehicle, classic cars, luxury cars, a vehicle which need special care and protection during long-distance transport will require additional expenses.

Inoperable vehicle

Many people think that they can ship only an operable vehicle. That is not true, long-distance car transport is applicable to an inoperable machine. Carriers have special equipment to load your car but you will most likely pay extra for this option.

Do you know your car well?

Some people request quote include details about their vehicle that are not necessary. The knowledge of the exact dimensions of your transport will save you money and time. If you have accurate information about your car you can count on the lower price.

If your car has awesome upgrades do not forget to take it off before shipment, that will help you to avoid extra fees. Remember according to the Law it is forbidden to transport inside of your vehicle any items not related to it. Don’t forget your goldfish or hamster inside, ok?

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