Moving an exotic car from one place to the other is not an easy task. To ensure the safety of your luxury car, it is recommended to opt for the services of a reputed car shipping company to save your time and money. These companies provide open and enclosed trailers to protect your vehicle from any damage.


As you select open auto transport carriers, your vehicle might be exposed to adverse elements of weather such as snow, hail, sun, rain, birds, insects, and dust. Hence, car owners prefer to choose enclosed carriers, over open carriers.


The enclosed carriers are known to seal everything which might pose a threat to the value of your vehicle. Thus, you can make your vehicle feel safe and secure and ensure that it is covered in case of any accidents. Here is a list of the companies which offer top quality of exotic car transport services:




It is one of the well-renowned car movers by which you can move the luxury vehicles to the destined place without any hassles. You can avail of both enclosed and open car transport services as you choose its services. It displays quotes from a plethora of carriers and you can select the best option for you.


Founded in the year 2004, they have a team of experts to make you feel confident and assured. You can talk to the different carriers, take a look at their safety records, transport history and look at the customer reviews before choosing their services.


With crucial status updates, mobile tracking feature and location sharing feature, you will be capable of following the value shipment at any point in time.


It allows you to choose the carrier type, according to your preferences for moving your luxury vehicle. You will be capable of tracking the shipment at any point of time online via the mobile application of uShip. Besides this, you will get push notifications on pickup and delivery of your car.


A-1 Auto Transport


It is one of the leading car transport companies that offer enclosed and open trailers for transporting your vehicle through the United States.


With an experience of more than 25 years in the industry, they transport expensive, luxury and high-end cars across different regions of the United States. As you opt for their services, you can be ensured to get the vehicle delivered to the destination promptly without breaking your wallet.


Whether you want to sell or buy your car, or you want to deliver the car to a specific location for enjoying your vacation, this auto company delivers your vehicle to the destination in the perfect condition within the promised time.



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Reliable Carriers


This auto moving company has more than fifty years of experience in the industry and it stands out of the ordinary in offering high end and luxury auto transport services. They offer open and enclosed carrier transport services, catering to your needs.


Number One Auto Transport


A wide array of people across the USA prefers to choose the services of Number One Auto Transport for the transportation of the luxury, exotic car from one point to the other. As you avail of their services, they offer protection to your vehicle from dirt as well as adverse weather conditions.


They have the state of the art equipment which is effective in enhancing the protection of your vehicle at the time of transport. Besides this, the special hydraulic lifts gates help keep the vehicle in a horizontal position during off-loading and loading.




This auto shipping company plays an integral role in offering best in class closed and open car carriers, for the delivery of your high-end vehicle to the destined location. If you want to provide complete protection to your car during transportation, choosing the enclosed car shipping might be a great idea.


However, you need to keep in mind that this form of carrier is a bit expensive, in comparison to the open carriers. Besides this, it is challenging to schedule such kind of car transportation, in comparison to the other techniques.


Tips to choose exotic car transport services


Here are some tips that will be useful in selecting the best in class exotic car transport services:




You need to remember that auto shipping involves a huge cut off from the pocket. Your car is going to have a special and unique treatment if you are using an open or enclosed carrier for shipping your vehicle. If you are looking for a viable and budget-friendly option for transporting your vehicle to the desired location, you can choose open-air car transport services.




If you want to relocate your vehicle in a short period and you do not have sufficient time for preparation, it is recommended to opt for open-air carrier transportation. On the other hand, if you want that your vehicle should be shipped safely and ensure that bad weather elements do not damage your car, it is recommended to go for enclosed car shipping.


Take a look at the customer reviews


You need to take immense care when you are looking for an auto shipping company for the transfer of your luxury vehicle. If you have decided to go with a specific company for moving your exotic car, do not forget to take a look at the customer reviews.


Asking for a huge advance payment


Almost every auto shipping company asks for an advance payment, before shipping the cars to the destined location. However, if you find that the amount of advance payment, they are asking is too much, it might be a red flag and it is recommended to refrain from using the services of such companies.


Moving the vehicle through the enclosed trailer is recognized to be a transit technique for transferring highly prized and exotic cars as it offers top quality of protection and security to your vehicle. You will be capable of delivering the car stress-free to the destined place easily by choosing enclosed trailers.


However, open trailers provide better and improved visibility of the car to the driver and thus they can inspect the vehicle easily. In addition to this, such kind of trailers is lighter in weight and thus a lesser amount of fuel is used.



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