Are you planning to make a long-distance move? There are plenty of household moving companies that will help you move your household items. Now you might be wondering how to move your classic car to your new home.


Driving the car yourself is a great option, but the distance between your new home and your current home might be too long for you to drive. You might consider hiring a countrywide auto transport to help you.


Your car is the next most valuable asset from your house. There are plenty of auto transport companies, but which one should you trust with your classic car? There are so many scams in the auto transport industry.


Hiring a countrywide vehicle transport company


If you opt to hire an auto transport company instead of towing the car yourself, there are some things you need to keep in mind.


Auto transport companies have open and enclosed carriers. An open carrier exposes your car to the outside elements while an enclosed carrier protects your car from these elements.


Unfortunately, an enclosed carrier may cost you up to 80% more than an open carrier, but it is the best for high end and classic cars. Once you decide the best carrier for you, it is time to search for a reliable countrywide auto transporter.


What to check first?


The first thing is to look for a trustworthy auto transport company. The auto transport company has many scammers. Get to your search engine and search for nearby auto transport companies.


Not every company offers enclosed transportation. If you want your car safe from external elements such as direct sunlight, rain, dust, and snow, limit your search to companies with enclosed carriers.


Make sure the company of choice has a Motor Carrier Number, especially if you’re in the US. Legit companies display their MC number on their website, and if they don’t, they are always willing to give you upon your request. Once you have the MC number with you, visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website.

After verifying the companies of your choice are legit, move ahead to asking for their quotes. You can get the quotes from the company’s website or call their representative. Submit the correct specifics of your car to get an accurate quote.



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Cheap quotes? Think twice!


Don’t rush to signing deals with companies offering cheap quotes. Most of them have other hidden fees, such as service and insurance fees. Only contact the company offering the most reasonable quote.


Before making a reservation, consider asking the company representative the company terms and policies. Do they allow you to reschedule, or do they refund you when you cancel? Does the company have insurance plans? Make sure to ask them insurance proof. Never hand your car to an auto transport company that does not have insurance plans.


Only move ahead to signing a deal with a company you trust. Ask them about their payment options. Some companies only accept advance payments, while others accept payment in installments. Proceed to make your payments after you’re confident of what you’re doing.


After making a reservation, you need to prepare your car. To avoid the last-minute rush, here are some prep works you should be before handling your car to the auto transport company.


Preparing your car for transport


1. Wash your car: Before the inspection, consider washing your car and removing all your personal belongings. Before signing the Shipping Bill of Landing, make sure the condition of your car’s exterior and interior have been accurately documented. Keep your copy of the Shipping Bill of Landing safe as you will need it when checking the condition of your car after delivery.


2. Leave less than 1/4 tank of gas in the car: Most auto transport companies only accept vehicles with 1/4 tank or less gas.


3. Extra keys: The US Department of Transport requires you to hand over a set of keys to the auto transport company. You should have the whole set of your vehicle keys for you and the delivery service provider. If you don’t have an extra set of keys, make sure to get one before the delivery team comes to pick the car. If it has an engine problem, have a mechanic tune it up before handing it over to make the picking process stress free.


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