Enclosed automobile transportation is a fine way of ensuring that the all your essential prized cars get transported safely from point A to point B without getting any mishaps or damage. All enclosed Auto Transport services are available with non-stackable and stackable trailers working as specialized options for car transport for a lot of areas.



Why do you need it?


What do you get?

Do you even need enclosed shipping?

Open auto transportation

Cost factors

Shipping time


While you might be thinking of getting a solution for the transportation of your car, it would be essential to select reliable carriers to get transport door-to-door with reasonable enclosed car transport cost.


The need for enclosed auto transportation


All these white-gloved car transport services can easily maintain high-quality standards to drop and pick the delicate cars through just the way they become. All metal covered trailer carriers are required and all carriers can simply transport between a single and among 5 vehicles.


Automobile shipping becomes extremely enclosed and ship well too and you’re saved from a lot of tasks, especially if this is being done for the very first time, unlike other forms of shipping such as self-transportation.


Depending on the car type you’re looking to transport, you would be able to select an appropriate service. In case of things like large collector’s vintage cars and other antiques, you would require trailers that are fully enclosed. Transportation is easily possible through open-air trailers.


The concept of enclosed transportation for cars


When comparing both open-air transport and enclosed car transport, the latter option is quit cheaper one. Compared to enclosed trailers the open air trucks have lesser fuel. However, they wouldn’t be ideal for fragile automobiles.


Luxury cars typically remain more vulnerable to theft, mainly at the time of transportation. Thus, to ensure safety additional security becomes mandatory, and it can also minimize the insurance premium as insurance companies simply trust car shipping service providers that offer enclosed shipping.


With the enclosed car transport shipping facility shippers can easily add up to the protection of enclosed cars for auto transportation. This would be a fine option for car shipping if you require transportation of luxury or a classic car rental.


With enclosed carriers shipping companies are able to carry out around 7 automobiles at same time.


Pricing for enclosed car transportation


Enclosed car transport cost gets estimated in the same manner as clients do in cases of open car transport, but transport owners have to pay around $300 higher for a trip to get additional protection. For the purpose of standard vehicle size the prices are as follows:


  • Vehicle for short routes (1-500 miles), average of $709
  • Medium routes of around (500-1500 miles) with average of $929
  • And long routes with more than (1500+ miles) that averages at $1179.


What you get for the price?


They are partnered with trusted carrier networks – Not only the enclosed transport company makes the process quite simple one, but it also becomes quite secure. You’ll be assisted by a team of professionals who personally examine all enclosed hauler companies in the network for ensuring that you’ve got a dependable and trusted service.


A+ rating claim team – Antique car haulers are simply able to get higher policy for car insurance limits due to higher cargo value. The compliance team makes a check on total insurance coverage offered by all carriers.


Thus, vehicles priced higher than $50,000 must for enclosed vehicle transportation.



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All these cover necessary standards for auto transport compliance – These services are available with compliance departments looking after exotic auto transport carriers in networks for ensuring that the company is only able to work with professional enclosed car movers.


Classic and experienced and classic car haulers – With enclosed car shipping the carriers are required to get necessary knowledge regarding the collector, luxury, and classic cars. These services make sure to have the best possible carriers with the most professional drivers for assuring paramount quality services.


Do you require enclosed car transport?


There are a lot of questions that you can ask yourself to know that whether you require any enclosed car transportation service, or just the conventional open transportation.


  • Here, would you consider your vehicle as an investment?
  • Are you really concerned regarding cold weather and snow?
  • Do you have an old car or did it just had a custom paint job?
  • Does environmental factors such as dirt, dust, pollution and various other debris in the car would be subjective to over the entire transport course?
  • What is the difference between open and enclosed car carriers?


Open auto transportation


Here, we mean that the open transportation carriers won’t be protected from elements of weather such as rain, snow, hail, sun and from other issues like dust, insects and birds as well. With this carrier this is among the largest disadvantages that you get.


So if you’re opting for such carrier transport you must be aware that the vehicle gets exposed to different elements.


However, vehicle transport services specialize at taking good care while delivering cars to final destinations in great condition. The can simply use a lot trained truckers who are able to know the cargo value. These cars also neatly get packed and strapped in carrier to reduce vibrations and mobility caused through the road, while these cars remain to be in transit.


A benefit here is that for a lot of cases, the method of open transport is much faster compared to the contradicting enclosed type. Most open car shipping services have quite higher demand, that leads to a lot of truckers operating transporters of open cars.


In the U.S. open auto transport still remains to the be affordable and secure transportation mode.


Enclosed shipping for car


The enclosed shipping carrier for car would be quite a great choice for shipping of car, especially if you require transport with custom vehicle. This would be the opposite to open car carrier shipping services. With enclosed shipping carriers for car, these vehicles remain to be households that are covered in trucks.


All these large carriers mostly carry few vehicles and at once, (mostly more than 5 automobiles).


So, this becomes faster, but the truth here is that you only get few enclosed shipping transporters for cars on the road making their scheduling quite hard. In a lot of cases, besides this point, enclosed car shipping would become costlier compared to open carrier transportation. Here the biggest benefit is that cars easily get protection from all outside factors. Nowadays, almost everyone prefers closed shipping for their cars, with top of the line features and most reasonable pricing for the same.


The total costs associated with enclosed car shipping


Although, it can be said that the answer for this is quite simple as actually a lot of information is present that you get after providing input for necessary details and you get a straightforward answer for your enquiry. This is mostly with the information that is available for enclosed car shipping pricing quotes.


This would be largely dependent on certain factors such as:


The Type of Vehicle


Do you require transportation for a smart luxury car or a heavy duty lifting truck? Not all vehicles would load or taking up same space on trailer for auto transportation. So if the car you drive is available with a lot of modifications, it would affect the method and price of transportation as well.


Let’s suppose that your vehicle has load taller compared to 13’6” (metro law and highways) to 14’clearance of (interstate law), in such case the vehicle wouldn’t get lifted on standard hauler.


Also larger vehicles take up higher carrier space, leaving driver to lose another vehicle spot. A prominent factor here is the vehicle weight.


In enclosed car shipping, higher weight would mean higher enclosed car transport cost. Thus, it’s advised to keep the gas tank at the lowest.


Destination of enclosed transport


Although, you would think that the auto transport distance affects price, this actually has pickup and drop off location. So If you’re getting carrier pick up and/or drop in a large metro area with population, the chances of your rate would be quite better. For instance, if you’re shipping car through Chicago suburb, you would probably need to pay higher rates than Billings.


There are a lot of reasons that contribute to this such as the area’s traffic, crossings, etc. Just like the pick-up location, costs are also associated with location for drop offs.


The shipping time


While you might only think of location and the shipping vehicle type to influence enclosed car transport cost, the price of enclosed auto shipping would also get influenced by the month when you’re shipping. Here, shipping costs would be lower if you’re transporting a consignment from colder to warmer climate.


A lot of drivers won’t hesitate to fill their trucks while snowbirds are heading towards southern direction – the trip back north would be quite tough.


Drivers don’t like to travel having empty trailer as they’re under paid. So in such case, any money would seem better than no money – If you’re thinking of transferring your car from the Scottsdale, AZ to the Chicago city in the month of December, you most likely have better rates.


Mostly opposite happens while snowbirds are flying back home. You would have to pay higher for shipping your car from the city of Scottsdale to the Chicago.


According to a lot of people, changes in gas prices also affect associated transport cost. As this is all about simple demand and supply with not only fuel costs. Prices for gas might actually be on the downside, but with higher trailer of carrier the cost would certainly be more.


Be sure to book the shipment well in advance and tell company representatives about anything special and unique that you wish to add. This makes your driver prepared to deal with situations and also you know enclosed car transport cost much better in advance.



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