Here comes this exciting moment when you decide to buy a car. But here also comes an important question: Where to buy THE car secure and cheap? Among the millions of option, there is one that we will discuss in this article more detailed.

Have you ever hear that eBay is the great website to sell/buy things fast, easy and safe?

Obviously, you do, but have you heard that you can buy a car on eBay too? A lot of people purchase vehicles through eBay but that does not mean that this is the most secure way to make a deal. Unfortunately, you can face with scams and frauds deal on eBay as well. Still, eBay is a good option if you want to find the lowest price or just take advantage of offering your own price to a seller.

Is it safe to buy a car on eBay?

Some people would say definitely “yes” but there are a lot of clients that had miserable experience of such purchase. Do not make a purchase blindly, make a research first. For the start read eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection rules here:

Now you know how eBay can protect you and are ready to go to the next step – to buy a car! Ask a car owner to send you a vehicle title and copy of the vehicle inspection. Try to find the vehicle history, Google with help to find appropriate sites but be ready to pay for the information. Deal only with reliable sellers; check reviews, feedbacks and seller’s rating.

Before making a bid, research for the market value of the vehicle and try to stick to it. Congratulations! You are a lucky car owner! And here you get a big “BUT” eBay doesn’t provide the vehicle shipping services, neither do car sellers.

What options do you have?

1) To fly to the vehicle location and drive it home by yourself. This is a good way to make a test drive and enjoy all the benefits of your new purchase. But what if you are a very busy person and simply do not have time for that?

2) Use vehicle shipping services. This option becomes very popular among people who buy car on eBay.

Yes, vehicle shipping quotes can be higher than a flight ticket, but keep in mind that you are saving on time and as even a baby knows: “Time is money!”

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