Looking for the cheapest way to ship a car? The first thing that comes up in mind is to drive it by yourself. Long road, romantic landscapes what can be better? But if it is a high season, traffics in big cities or bad weather? And definitely it is not an option if you need to ship it overseas or your car is inoperable.

Now, it is time to check for another possibility which is to use special transport companies. Here you got two options: open or enclosed transport. The cheapest way to ship any vehicle is to use open transport but be sure that will be suitable for the model of your vehicle. Enclosed transport is 40-60 % more expensive but it is an option if you need to transport a luxury car. Although the open truck is the choice of most people because more carriers are available and it is suitable for the most types of vehicles. If you ask for car shipping cost the first you get will be open transport quotes because one carrier can take over 10 vehicles at once.

Basically, open-air auto transport is the cheapest. An undeniable advantage of it is time. You can book and get a carrier in a moment. Enclosed transport is better to book in advance but still, it can be too expensive for your wallet.

The other advantage is if you need to ship more than one car, you book one carries for that purpose and your cars arrive simultaneously to the place of destination.

If you care a lot about the environment the open-air vehicles should be your choice because it uses less fuel that’s why it is cheaper.

Some things that can influence the cost

When you are searching for the cheapest way to ship car think about: vehicle type, distance, weather conditions, time of the year. All these can influence the cost dramatically.

Which delivery method to choose?

Beyond controversy the fact that door to door delivery is the most convenient way of car transport. But if you are short of money there is another way, to use a terminal to terminal delivery. A lot of cities have terminals where you can drop your car plus they are rather secure. Unfortunately, not all carriers are willing to ship vehicles to terminals so, probably, this type of delivery can take more time.

It is only up to you to decide which delivery method to use but in nowadays shipping industry the most popular and, perhaps, the cheapest way to ship a car is the open auto transport because it is fast, safe and secure.

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