Do you want to ship your car but don’t have enough information? If yes, then this article is very beneficial for you. When it comes to moving or shifting, most of the people have one common question, how to ship the car to the destination, especially when the destination is far.




Brokers and Carriers


Cost Factors

Best Shipping Companies

Final Thoughts


So if you have also had the same question, then you have come to the right article. In this article, you will get to know about the full shipping process, type of trailers, and all the things that you should know. So if this sounds useful, then keep reading this article. Now without wasting any time, let’s jump into the main deal.


Car Shipping Process


Car shipping is a process of shipping your car to one destination to another so that you don’t need to drive the car by yourself to take it there. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you own, a car shipping company can ship anything. It includes cars, SUVs, trucks and with the help of an auto transport trailer, all these vehicles are hauled. Speaking of trailers, there are two main two types of trailers. One is Open trailers and the other is enclosed trailers. You will get a detailed explanation of the trailers later in the article. So if you are also shifting and planning to ship your car, then it is very important to know the full process of shipping before doing anything. So here is the step by step guide explanation of the car shipping process.


• Scheduling and Planning Ahead- The first step of the shipping process is scheduling the day and date of the shipment in advance. This ensures that you will get the delivery at the desired time.


• Car Cleaning- It is very important to clean the car before the shipping and every personal item from the car must be removed. Otherwise, you will get extra charged for shipping your personal items or it can also result in delay or even failure of the whole shipment. Though shipping other household items is not allowed and if the driver gets caught at the checkpoint, it can be a reason for the DOT, and there are chances that he might lose his license.


• Car Inspection- Inspecting your car before the shipment is very important. You should check your car properly and take pictures from all the sides of the car. The picture will work as proof against the shipping company if you see any damages in your car after the delivery.


• Ensuring Low Fuel- Before shipping, you have to make sure that the gas tankers of the car are not more than a quarter as it may provide unnecessary safety issues. Also, don’t forget to remove any non-retractable antenna to prevent them from any damage during transportation.


• Car Delivery- After checking and inspecting everything, you may need to deliver your car to the shipment company station. Or you can use the door to door pick up delivery, available in the areas that are safely accessible to the transport trucks.


• Car Transport- Though in most states, transport drivers can only 500 miles a day, so you have to be patient. There are also other factors like weather traffic that affects the delivery time.


• Car Delivery- At last, you can go to the shipment station to pick up your car or you can pay an extra charge to get it delivered at your doorsteps.



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Car Shipping Brokers and Carriers


If you are wondering what are car shipping carries and brokers, then the simple answer is that they both do the same thing. They will ship your car but the major difference between them is the method of shipping. Carriers operate a truck (can be his own or someone else) to ship the vehicle and a broker uses carrier’s network to coordinate shipments. A single truck driver that owns a transport truck can be called a carrier whereas brokers work with both small and big carriers. Both carriers and brokers have different pros and cons.


Pros of Carrier


• Carriers are less expensive and if you can find a good carrier, then there are chances that you will have to pay less money in shipment


• The best thing about the carriers is that they charge you directly and there is no price manipulator in between to increase the price.


Cons of Carrier


• One drawback of using a carrier is that in case of mechanical errors in the truck, your delivery of the car might get delayed


Pros of Broker


• The best thing about brokers is that they provide a lot of options and you can select according to your preference


• Unlike the carriers, the brokers are very easy to reach and you can communicate them easily


Cons of Broker


• One drawback of brokers is that many brokers are liars and can charge you more money in the form of hidden fees such as insurance, fuel charges, etc.


Types of Trailers


After talking about the process of shipping, carriers and brokers, it’s time to talk about trailers. As mentioned above, there are two types of trailers, open and enclosed. So here is a detailed explanation of both.


• Open Trailers- Open trailers are also known as utility trailers and as the name sounds, they are open and expose the cargo (car) to the outside elements. Though open trailers do not provide protection and are usually used to ship everyday cars and it is also less expensive. Open trailers are generally used for short distances and they are lighter.


• Enclosed Trailers- Enclosed trailers are also known as cargo trailers and they used to ship luxury cars and items because it provides added security and is great in protecting the cargo from the outside elements. They are used for long destinations and as compared to open trailers, they are more expensive.


Cost Factors


The cost of the shipment varies from place to place and depends on various factors. The average cost to ship a car is between 400$ to 1200$+. Here are some factors that affect the final cost of shipment.


• The Location and Distance- The location and distance are one of the main factors that affect car shipment costs. If you want to cover more distance, then the shipment cost will increase. Shipping a car from a rural location to a major city costs more in comparison to shipping from a major city to another city.


• The Season- Most of the people don’t know that the season can affect the final shipping cost. If you use a shipping company to transport your car in the summer season, then it will cost you more in comparison to other seasons. In the summer season, the demand for transportation services is high, increases the shipment cost.


• Type of Vehicle- The shipment cost also depends on the type of vehicle you want to ship. If you want to ship a small car, then it will cost you less, around $700. On the other hand, large vehicles, such as trucks or luxurious cars can cost you more, around 1000$ to cover the same distance.


• Delivery Preference- If you want to get the delivery on a fixed date, then it increases the shipment cost. More flexibly of the dates means less cost. Though it also depends on the type of carrier you are choosing to transport your vehicle.


Shipment Companies


So these were some of the major factors that affect the transportation cost. Though the cost also depends on the shipment company. So if you want to transport your vehicle, then here are some of the best shipping companies that you can contact to get the best services at a budget-friendly cost.


• Sherpa Auto Transport


• Bargain Auto Transport


• Ship Your Car Now


• RoadRunner Auto Transport


• Ship A Car Direct


• King Of The Road Transport


• A-1 Auto Transport




So after analyzing everything, the final verdict is that you can ship your car at less price if you research and do things properly. If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship car, then you have to combine two-three things to reduce the overall cost of shipment. Here are some ways that can do to reduce the shipment cost:


• Use an Open Trailer- If you don’t want to pay a huge amount for shipping your car, then you should use an open trailer. Open trailers are best to save extra cash as they are 40% less expensive than enclosed trailers.


• Placing Order in Advance- Another great way to save some extra money in the shipping is by placing the orders in advance. As mentioned above, when the demand gets high, then the shipping companies increase their prices. So if you are planning to ship in the on-season, then make sure to place an order before the hike in price happens.


If you follow the things that are mentioned above, then you will be able to save some money. Hope this article will solve all of your queries and doubts regarding car shipment.



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