Car shipping is not the easiest process and once you decided to transport your car you should review all options and companies. Is it the best decision to transport your car with the cheapest offer? I’m not sure, to be honest, but if there is a way to save 15% or 20% of the total price – why not to try. Either way, all companies that will get in touch with you are brokers and will post your vehicle to the national load board to get a driver. In this article, we will get quotes to transport 2012 Toyota Camry from New York 10001 to Los Angeles 90001 to see which company offers the cheapest rate to transport a car.




Nexus Auto Transport – $1129

Montway Auto Transport – $1159

SafeWay Car Transport – $1135

Fox Auto Transport – $980 – $1614

International Freight Logistics – $1150

South Pacific Auto Transport – $1150

Movewheels – $622

Ship A Car Direct – $1275

Affordable Auto Transportation – $1250

Elite Auto Shipper – $1175


How brokers calculate prices to ship a car?


To put is simple – brokers have information about recent moves and can predict how much will it cost to transport your car. The moment they receive a request from the customer they check pricing history on the national load bard – CentralDispatch, then calculate something average and add their broker fee or deposit on top.


Some companies like Montway have developed a calculator that can predict how much will it cost to transport a car (which is very useful).


Here is the breakdown of offers to transport a car from NY to LA. The request was made on the 4th of August 2019.


How much should it cost?


It’s a very controversial question because companies have different pricing policies and different profit margin setups. On average all broker companies charge $150 as their broker commission. This amount is added on top of the carrier pay, which can be checked on CentralDispatch. Here is an example of this specific route:


Transportation history tells us that 5 last vehicles were accepted by carriers for the following prices: $809, $1004, $1032, $1060, $1144. In order to estimate the carrier pay, I will calculate the average price and add $150 of the broker fee:


(($809 + $1004 + $1032 + $1060 + $1144)/5)) + $150 broker fee = $1160 total with all fees and taxes included.



Cheapest car shipping company

*Prices from


Now let’s see what other companies offer on this route!



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Nexus Auto Transport

Nexus Auto Transport offers the range of prices between $1129 and $1509. Their automated system has calculated that it will cost between $1129 and $1509 to ship Toyota Camry in an open transport, depending on the level of service required. Since this price is based on real-time market conditions, they can only guarantee it for seven days.


Cheapest car shipping company




They have 3 pricing options based on your flexibility.


Cheapest car shipping company


Montway Auto Transport


Montway offers two pricing options based on your flexibility. The cheapest options would be $1159 total with all fees, taxes, and insurance included. I loved that the quote can be generated instantly on their website.


Cheapest car shipping company


Safeway Car Transport


Quote: $1,135.00 (This is a computer-generated quote; the actual price may vary plus/minus depending on actual needs.) All Tolls, Taxes, and Fuel Included. Fully Insured and Bonded Carriers


Cheapest car shipping company


Fox Auto Transport


Fox Auto Transport offered the lowest rate so far $980.00.


Cheapest car shipping company


So far the highest quote to transport the car from NY to CA – $1614. Not sure what is the reason, I wrote an email to them to see if this price is correct.


Cheapest car shipping company


Since is sort of a marketplace I guess they charge extra as a middle man.


International Freight Logistics


This company offered $1150 to ship your 2012 Toyota Camry on Open carrier from NEW YORK, NY to LOS ANGELES, CA.


Cheapest car shipping company


South Pacific Auto Transport


The price to ship your 2012 Toyota Camry on Open carrier from NEW YORK, NY to LOS ANGELES, CA is $1,150. this include door to door service and full coverage insurance on the vehicle.


Cheapest car shipping company




$622!! Wow, that’s the lowest so far (but is it really going to work?). I bet drivers will not accept such a low rate which will leave you high a dry with your vehicle in the garage… Movewheels states the following: All Quotes Include Taxes, Insurance, Fees and 100% Money-Back Provided prices are calculated based on statistics of previous shipments on the same, or similar routes. These prices are estimated and a subject of driver’s confirmation.


Cheapest car shipping company


Ship A Car Direct


Our recommended price to get a Pre-Screened Carrier to move your 2012 Toyota Camry by an Open carrier from New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA is currently $1275 (but you can easily make that only $1245 by participating in a $30 quick and easy online rebate after delivery of your vehicle).


Cheapest car shipping company


Affordable Auto Transportation


Affordable Auto Transport offers $1250 with all fees and taxes included. More of a high-end solution.


Cheapest car shipping company


Elite Auto Shipper


Elite Auto Shipper offers $1,175 all in. Door to door service, taxes, and insurance included.


Cheapest car shipping company


To sum it up – the easiest way to choose the best car shipping company would be to simply google each company you are getting quotes from and check their reviews. All prices are more or less the same and it looks like it’s all about the service. Sometimes it’s worth to pay an extra 100 bucks to work with the best-reviewed company out there. 



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