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Georgia car shipping basics

Moving to Georgia is a big decision. There are so many things you will need to think about: household moving, car shipping, new home, schools, job… Most probably it won’t be easy, that’s why we created this guide to help you with at least of task – car shipping.

In this article we will discuss most common ways to ship a car, prices, destination and process. But let’s start with why Georgia is one of the best places to travel or relocate.

If you’re thinking about relocating, it’s probably because you have your sights set on living in that particular state for the long-term future. It’s a major step, so you need to make sure that there are no unanticipated issues lurking in your future before you take the plunge. If you’re good for some culture and want to live in a place with great food and wine – as well as beautiful scenery – then maybe relocating to Georgia is the right move for you. It’s the perfect place if you want to raise your family with excellent school systems and low crime rates.


Georgia cheap car shipping companies

All major companies ship cars to or from Georgia. This state is imperative for Florida, California or Texas shippers. Here are the best car shipping companies, that ship mostly to or from Georgia.

Company name




American Auto Shipping


5 stars

5 stars

Mercury Auto Transport


5 stars

5 stars

AutoStar Transport Express


5 stars

5 stars

Ship a Car Direct


5 stars

5 stars

Auto Transport 123


5 stars

5 stars

Moverjet Logistics


5 stars

5 stars

Best nationwide car shipping companies

There are two types of companies that can ship cars in the USA: brokers and carriers. Brokers are the middlemen who organise the process. prepare all documentation, talk with customers and solve issues. Carriers are the actual companies who perform the transportation.

The driver from the carrier company will show up on the pickup location, load your car and deliver it to the destination point. We’ve prepared the list of Top 5 nationwide car shipping companies you can be safe to work with. You can find the list below.

Company name




Ship a Car Direct


5 stars

5 stars

Auto Transport 123


5 stars

5 stars

AmeriFreight Car Shipping


5 stars

5 stars

Montway Auto Transport


5 stars

5 stars

Auto Shipping Group Inc.


5 stars

5 stars

Car shipping rates to and from Georgia

Georgia is one of the most popular state to ship cars. Majority of carriers either cross or deliver vehicles in this state. Usually it’s not a problem to find a great company within one to days after the request is received.

Here is the breakdown of prices to ship your car from Georgia to most popular destinations.



Most common price

Average price






















How Georgia car shipping work?

1. 95% of all quotes quotes you are getting are from broker companies.

2. Brokers do not own the trucks, they have the license to “outsource” car shipping to the carrier companies;

3. Every quote includes a broker and carrier fee. Most broker fees are a fixed rate and vary according to each company.

4. Every broker and carrier uses the same National Dispatching Board. Brokers will post the vehicle and carrier uses the board to book space on their truck.

5. The Auto shipping industry is an open market bidding system, much like a bidding system (eBay). The vehicle with the highest priced carrier pay on the board gets priority, leaving the vehicle with lower rates behind.

Georgia major cities

7 major cities in GA

Georgia, GA (a state in the USA) has some of the most unique cities in the country, and plenty of tourists visit to discover what makes them so special. In fact, many people who move to Georgia choose to settle down in one of its large cities instead of smaller towns or the countryside. Here are seven major cities in Georgia that you need to visit:

1) Atlanta

Atlanta, the state’s capital, is a vibrant metropolis with much to see and do. From the world-renowned Georgia Aquarium to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, there’s something for everyone in Atlanta. And don’t forget about the food! Atlanta is home to some of the best southern cuisine around.

2) Savannah

The first city on our list is Savannah, Georgia’s oldest city and the state’s first capital. A visit to Savannah is like taking a step back in time – the city is filled with antebellum architecture, moss-draped oaks, and cobblestone streets. There are plenty of things to do in Savannah, from touring the historic district to visiting one of the many museums or art galleries. Don’t forget to try the regional cuisine, too!

3) Athens

Athens is a historic city in GA known for its music and culture. The city is home to the University of Georgia, which was founded in 1785 and is one of the oldest public universities in the country. Athens is also known for its lively downtown area, which is full of restaurants, bars, and shops. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some live music, Athens is the perfect spot.

4) Columbus

Columbus is the third-largest city in Georgia and the county seat of Muscogee County. With a population of over 200,000 people, Columbus is home to Fort Benning, the United States Army Infantry School, and Columbus State University. The city’s economy is largely based on manufacturing and logistics, with companies such as Aflac, Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Inc., and TSYS having a presence there.

5) Augusta

As the state’s second-largest city, Augusta is home to many historical sites, museums, and other attractions. The city is also host to the Master’s Tournament, one of the most prestigious golf events in the world. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors, Augusta is perfect for hiking, biking, and fishing.

6) Rome

Rome is a city in Floyd County, Georgia, located in the United States. Rome was founded in 1834 and has a population of 36,303 as of 2019. The county seat and largest city in Floyd County are Rome. The city is located approximately 70 miles (110 km) northwest of Atlanta. Rome is the home of Berry College and Shorter University.

7) Valdosta

The Georgian county of Lowndes contains the city of Valdosta. With 56,481 inhabitants as of 2019, it was the fourteenth-largest city in Georgia. The main city in the Valdosta Metropolitan Statistical Area, which had 139,588 residents in 2010, is Valdosta. To the west, it extends into Brooks County in part. The Institution System of Georgia’s regional university with nearly 10,600 students, Valdosta State University, is located in Valdosta.

Reasons to move to Georgia

A fantastic place to raise a family in Georgia

If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family, Georgia is a top choice. It offers excellent school systems with low crime rates that are the envy of most of the country. You’ll also find excellent health care services – including top-notch medical facilities for children. The weather in Georgia is moderate and predictable, so you’ll never have to worry about your kids getting injured as a result of extreme weather. There are plenty of activities that kids can enjoy in Georgia. You’ll find beautiful nature preserves and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. There are also plenty of museums and other educational activities to choose from. There’s also no sales tax on children’s clothing. You’ll also find plenty of activities for kids to do during the summer – including camps and community sports programs.

It’s easy to find a job in Georgia

You’ll find that it’s easy to find a job in Georgia – in fact, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. The job market in Georgia is strong, and the state is home to some of the biggest companies in the country. You’ll find excellent job security, and the average salary is higher than the national average. The cost of living is also lower than in many other states. It’s easy to find an apartment or rental house in Georgia – even if you’re on a budget. You’ll also find that utilities are cheaper than in many other parts of the country. Georgia is a great place to start a new career or to relocate to advance your existing career.

People in Georgia are friendly and welcoming

The people of Georgia are known for being friendly and welcoming – which makes it easy to settle into your new home. You’ll find that people are eager to help you get settled and make a smooth transition into your new community. Georgia has a wide range of cultural activities, such as music and art festivals. You’ll also find a wide range of sporting events to attend, including baseball, football, and basketball games.

There are several cultural events to visit

There are many festivals and cultural events to enjoy in Georgia – including the Georgia Renaissance Festival, the Savannah Film Festival, the Atlanta Jazz Festival, and the Dragon Con. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and outdoor activities, such as kayaking, hiking, and camping. There are also many museums in Georgia to visit, including the Center for Puppetry Arts, the Georgia Aquarium, the Georgia Museum of Art, and the High Museum of Art. There are also plenty of theatres and live music performances to attend.

You can travel easily from Georgia

Georgia is a great place to travel from. You’ll find easy access to airports for domestic and international flights. There are also many train depots in the state for easy travel. There are also plenty of interstates running through Georgia, making it easy to travel to other parts of the state. If you’re interested in traveling abroad, you can easily find direct flights to Europe and other destinations. There are also many cruise lines that depart from ports in Georgia – including the Savannah port.

You’ll love the food in Georgia

The food in Georgia is delicious. You’ll find everything from Southern BBQ to Cajun cuisine, Italian food, and Indian cuisine. Vegetarians and vegans have several alternatives as well. You’ll never be at a loss for where to go for a great meal. Georgia is also a great place to enjoy wine – in fact, you’ll find that there are more vineyards in Georgia than in any other state. You can visit many of the vineyards and enjoy wine tastings, wine festivals, and other events. There are also lots of art and cultural festivals to enjoy, including the Savannah Folk Festival.

The housing market is strong in Georgia

The housing market in Georgia is strong, which makes it a good place to buy a home. The cost of housing is lower than in many other parts of the country. You’ll find that there are plenty of different types of homes to choose from, from high-rise apartments to sprawling estates. You’ll find that there are many lenders offering low-interest mortgages in Georgia. You can also tap into a wide range of government assistance if you need help with down payments. If you’re looking for a good place to buy a home, Georgia is a great choice.

Driving conditions in Georgia

If you’re an avid driver, you’ll love the traffic condition cars in Georgia. The traffic is generally light, so you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in traffic. It’s also easy to avoid the most congested areas. There are plenty of highways and interstates to use. The driving conditions in Georgia are excellent. You’ll find that the roads are well-maintained and free of potholes. You may have to deal with some traffic in the Greater Atlanta area, but even that isn’t too bad.

Georgia car shipping cost factors

The main factors are: route, vehicle size, runner or non-runner, season.


Average Price to/from Ship From Georgia

Georgia car shipping process

You might think that Georgia car shipping process is hard and can be overwhelming. But good news are that it’s not that hard and won’t take lots of time to prepare. Here is a simple … auto transport guide to prep your vehicle for car shipping and steps you need to take to ship your vehicle.

  • Get quotes from auto transport companies.

You will need to indicate your pickup and delivery locations (it’s ok if you don’t have the exact delivery address yet, simply indicate approximate zip code of the area), year/make/model of your vehicle, desired shipping date, type of the trailer.

  • Compare shipping quotes

Make no mistake – prices you are getting are just quotes (estimates). All prices are a subject of drivers confirmation. While some companies will claim prices are total and final – most probably they will change. Simply because the market is fluctuating and drivers can ask for more/less depending on the current marketplace situation.

  • Research your top picks and check their reviews

Make your own research. Google “company name” reviews to check online feedback about the companies you are thinking to hire. Check BBB, Google reviews and Transportreviews. DO NOT place orders with companies that have a lot of negative feedbacks and bait and switch alerts on their online accounts. Most probably these companies will offer the lowest prices.

  • Read the contract

Yes, you have to read the contract to be prepared for things that might happen during the transportation process. Things like damage, delays, extra charges, wrong delivery locations do occur – it’s better to be prepared.

  • Request drivers insurance once the carrier is assigned.

Your vehicle is insured by the carriers insurance, not by the company you signed the contract with. You have to request the insurance of the company that will actually pickup your vehicle. Take a closer look at cargo insurance and insurance deductibles.

  • Set up pickup date for Friday and get a day off from the job if necessary

Driver might be late because he needs to pickup 7-8 more cars within one day. It’s better to have some free time to realise your car whenever the driver is nearby. DO NOT FORGET to sign and get the copy of the Bill of Lading from the driver on pickup and delivery locations.


Open trailers

Open trailers used by vast majority of car shippers in Georgia (private and business). It's a low cost, affordable and easy to find way of transportation to or from Georgia

Enclosed trailers cost 75% more!

You should consider using enclosed trailer in case you have a classic, luxury or exotic car. While open trailers are safe enough to ship cars in Georgia insurance options are better in enclosed trailer.

Georgia car shipping FAQ

Q. Will my vehicle be driven?

A. No, your vehicle will be transported on a trailer (open or enclosed). The transportation will not add extra mile on the odometer.


Q. Will my car be insured?

A. Sure, every vehicle is insured up to $100K during the whole transportation process. Please be sure to request the COI (Certificate of Insurance) from the company that you decided to hire.


Q. What do I do in case of the damage? 

A. You will need to collect all information about the shipping (contract, photos from pickup and delivery locations, BOLs) and send them to the insurance company of the carrier. Please submit your claim no later than 48 hours of accident/delivery acceptance.


Q. What information is needed from me to start the shipping process?

A. The shipping company will need to know: year/make/model of the vehicle, pickup and delivery locations, type of the trailer you’d like to use, first available pickup date.


Georgia is a fantastic place to live if you’re looking for a new home. You’ll find that the weather is mild and pleasant all year round, the job market is strong, and the people are friendly and welcoming. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, and it’s easy to travel from Georgia. If you’re thinking about relocating, you can’t go wrong with Georgia. It’s a great place to live and enjoy a high quality of life.