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Updated: 08/07/2022

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Enclosed car shipping basics

Enclosed auto transport is a kind of transport that ensures the protection of your vehicle. So, if you want to ship your luxury and expensive car from one place to another or from one state to another state then, enclosed auto transport is the best choice for you. This type of car shipping services carries some vehicles at the same time. So, they can take care of your vehicle. In this way, your vehicle will be safe and protected as well. The experienced person is there to guide you. But you will have to choose the best-enclosed auto transport service and get the enclosed auto transport quote from them. But you will have to know how this kind of service works in the USA and for that, you need to take a short tour with us.


How car transport work in the USA?

Before going into further details and shipping of your valuable and classic car, you need to know the cost and familiarize with the benefit of this enclosed transportation. Now, you do not need to drive 3 or 4 days to ship your car. You can call the professionals and hire them for shipping your car.

Auto transportation procedure begins from the initial contact with the customers. During the first conversation, the auto transportation professionals will need some accurate details about the shipping of the car. These are such as follows:

  • They will ask about the starting location of the car
  • They will also ask the final destination or location of the car where they need to deliver it.
  • Some specific details such as color, model, year of purchasing and estimated value of the car.
  • The name of the person who will receive the car at the destination point.


You will have to give these basic details to the transportation company and they will give you a quote based on these essential details and information. If you agree to the terms and conditions of the company then, both parties will enter into a contractual relationship. On the shipping day, the representative will be there to resolve your queries if you have any. Some times, the shipping company will hire a carrier to ship the car to the company. But auto transportation service may delay the delivery time as they need to handle with so many luxury cars. They need to ship them in various locations. But the good news is you can track your car till the delivery location and you can see the route as well. So, it is a tension-free solution. But at the time of the delivery of the car, the authorized person should be present there and receive the car. When you complete your inspection and give the payment then, the auto transportation process will complete.

Best enclosed car transport companies

For protected and safe shipping of your car, you will have to hire the best transport company in the USA. You can hire a company and judge them based on their experience, service, shipping cost and protection as well. Here are some popular names that you may also hear. These are some eminent car transport companies in the USA:


1. Ultimate Transport 123:

It is one of the best transport companies in the USA. you do not need to select between fast transportation and cheap price. They can offer you the lowest rate in the market and they will deliver your car as fast as they can. But it is a new company, so they have not shipped so many cars just like their competitors. But if you want a reliable and cheap service provider then, they are the best option in the market.


2. Ship a Car Direct:

This company is also the best car shipping service provider in the USA. They are reliable. They check every minute detail. They have excellent customer services. You will also get guaranteed quotes from them. You can ask them about their quotes and for that, you need to share some details such as car pick up point, destination point and all.


3. Montway Auto Transport:

It is a popular name and also a popular choice in the car shipping industry. They offer guaranteed to pick up and they are best as per the widespread availability. You can get the additional insurance coverage from them. They usually ship a lot of vehicles. So, they have good knowledge and experience regarding this. They usually charge $980 for enclosed shipping purpose. For open transport, they offer $710.


4. Bargain Auto Transport:

They are a newcomer in this shipping industry. But they have good customer ratings. They can offer you cheap prices as well. Apart from this, you will get no-cost cargo insurance as well. Their average cost of shipping is $790. The affordable price can help you to set your budget.


5. Mercury Auto Transport:

They are the best service provider. They can do both open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. They will also give you the enclosed auto transport quote same day.


Transportli Score




9.6 out of 10


4.6 stars

Ultimate Transport 123

8.9 our of 10


3.7 stars

Ship A Car Direct

9.8 out of 10


4.6 stars

Auto Shipping Group

8.9 our of 10


4.8 stars


9.7 our of 10

Auto Shipping Group

4.7 stars

Mercury Auto Transport

8.5 out of 10


4.6 stars

Can I ship inoperable cars in enclosed trailer?

Sure, you simply need to indicate that your car is in inoperable condition. In this case shipping company will hire a trailer with winch to load your car.

Inoperable cars shipping cost is higher!

It will take some time and effort from the driver to load/unload your car into the trailer. You should expect extra 75-100 dollars charge for inoperable car shipping.

Enclosed car shipping cost

If you are planning to ship your car then, you will have to know the cost details about shipping the car from one state to another in the USA. the average cost of shipping car in the USA is $950. The highest average cost of shipping will be $1200. The lowest average rate of shipping in the USA is $700. But if you want to know the per-mile cost of shipping the car then, you should know that you will have to pay $0.60 for per mile.

If you have any luxury and expensive car then, you may need to spend some more. Many owners want perfect protection and safety for their cars at the time of shipping. So, enclosed shipping will ensure you that protection and safety. You can hire the enclosed auto transportation system and protect your vehicle from snow, rain and dust. Enclosed shipping will cost you 60% more than the normal and regular shipping of the car.

The average cost of shipping by car is $950. The cost may vary due to the experience of the shipping company and the insurance they have. The more experienced shipping company may charge you more. You need to ask your transport representative about the rules and regulations about the shipping and its hidden costs.


How to get a free enclosed car shipping quote? 

There are so many ways to get the enclosed car shipping quote. You can get the car shipping quote online. Many companies are there and you can choose the best among them. You will have to fill up a form and input all necessary details about your car. After that, they will get back to you and contact you as well. You will have to choose a reliable and accurate car shipping service. Many companies update their car shipping calculator to help customers.

So, if you are planning to ship your car from one state to another then, you will have to contact the shipping service provider and get the quote as well.


Open Trailer

Enclosed Trailer

Inoperable car





























Open vs Enclosed car shipping

If you have already got in touch with any auto transportation service then, you may know that you can request for two kinds of trucks and trailers for shipping your car. These are auto transport and enclosed auto transport. This option is related to the type of shipping truck. The two variations are the open trailer and the closed trailer.


Shipping your car with open auto transportation:

An open car trailer is just like a trailer without any sides. You can see different variations of open car carriers. But the problem is that the vehicles are exposed to the environment. So, as you can see that open car trailers are not at all safe and protected but it is cost-effective and one of the most common transportation ways in the world including the USA.


Shipping your car with enclosed car shipping:

There are very few cars that are shipped through the enclosed car shipping system. In this way, car ships in a closed container so that, your car will be safe and protected. The trailers have sides and top as well. So, your car is protected from dust, rain and sun rays as well. Classic cars, luxury cars, unique cars and customized cars are unique and expensive as well. So, it is important to ship them in a protected and safe way. During the journey through the enclosed car shipping system, your car will be protected and safe.

How to prep your vehicle for enclosed car shipping?

Do you want to move your car from one state to another but avoid the long and tiresome driving then, hiring a car shipping company is the best choice for you. You should go for the best car shipping service in the USA. But you will have to know how to prepare your vehicle for shipping?

1. Gather your car’s documents:

Before shipping your car, your car transporter will want the proof and essential documents of your car. You will have to submit all documents to prevent any delays. You will have to submit:

  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Insurance proof
  • Ownership proof of vehicle
  • Title of the vehicle
  • Driving license or passport

2. Wash the car:

Washing your car both inside and outside is very much essential before shipping the car. It will help you to catch any new damage during the shipping time. You should not forget to clean the interior portion of the car.

3. Note the damage:

After cleaning your car, it is the high time to note down the pre-existing damage of your car. In this way, you can identify if your car will get any damage during transportation. You will have to take a copy of the pre-existing damage of your car.

4. Remove the essential and personal items:

Before shipping your car, you will have to remove all your personal belongings from the car. The transportation company will not take any responsibility for the theft of items from your car. So, you will have to check your car before sending it for shipping. Here are some personal belongings:

  • Charging port or cable
  • Water bottles
  • GPS device
  • Sunglass
  • Wallet
  • Personal identification papers and documents

These are some essential tips that you need to follow before shipping your car from one place to another. Apart from this, you will have to empty your gas tank. You will have to remove all exterior accessories such as custom spoilers, luggage rack, rooftop boxes, bike racks and all. You should lock the car but leave the keys as well.

Enclosed Car shipping FAQ

These are some important tips that you need to follow. Here are some essential FAQs that you should know.


Q. How to get a car shipping estimate?

A. For this, you will have to contact the car shipping or transport broker. You will have to fill up details about your car and they will contact you after that.


Q. Where do you find cheap car shipping service?

A. You can find cheap car shipping service anywhere in the USA. You can also check online and compare several car shipping services and their quotes.


Q. Do you need an enclosed carrier?

A. If you have a classic, antique and luxury car then, you will have to need an enclosed carrier. It is a very good option to keep your car safe from dust, rain and snow.


So many shipping companies are there in the USA. You will have to choose the best out of them. But for that, you will have to do good research. You can compare the quotes and hire a reliable and cheap one. A car shipping company can give you peace of mind. An enclosed car shipping can give your car protection, safety and all. It is a little bit costly but you will get the best and protected shipping. Now you know all things about enclosed auto transport. So, you will have to choose the best auto transport service in the USA.