You can use the car shipping calculator to identify the cost of your future shipment. The more information you provide about your vehicle the more correct rate you’ll get.



Information needed

What affects the cost?

What should you check before hiring a company?

Are quotes guaranteed?

The sad truth about car shipping


What information will you need to provide to get your quote?


1) Route. Origin state/Destination state


2) Vehicle type. Operable/Inoperable


3) Pick up date


4) Type of transportation. Open/Enclosed truck.


That is it! The calculator will help to find the best rates for you at the requested date. All you need is just to choose the most suitable for your needs and place an order for transportation.  Quotes can verify depending on a lot of factors. Use the car shipping calculator to get exactly your rate.


What can affect the cost of the shipment?


As you understand vehicle shipment does not base on fixed quotes. Each transportation is unique, has its own request. For example, the shipment of a standard vehicle like sedan can vary from $ 400 to $ 2000. It all depends on length of the route, pick up or destination place, the popularity of a route. Overseas car shipping calculator can be made only on an individual basis.

Some facts that can influence the cost of transportation.


1) Vehicle type. Truck or SUV. How does it work? SUV owners will have to pay $ 70,00 extra on top of the basic shipping rate.


2) Vehicle size. If you have a big car which occupies a lot of space be ready to pay an extra $ 50-100.


3) Vehicle condition. Operable/inoperable. If you have an inoperable car and need to winched it that will cost $ 200-500 more.


4) Type of transportation. Enclosed/open.  Enclosed is more suitable for luxury cars but cost more than 60% open transportation.


5) Additional requests like full insurance.


6) Season. Transportation during high season or holidays period, weather conditions may influence rates.


7)  Route. Typically if your route is far away from big cities it cost more.


For any additional request, not typical transportation will be better to talk directly to a specialist. Simply submit the form and we will answer all your questions, calculate your transportation within the shortest period of time.


What are the main criteria to hire a company?


– They do not take any payments upfront; 


– Your vehicle will be insured during the whole transportation process and carrier can send you their insurance certificate;


– The driver will be in touch all the time and you will have his phone number just in case; 


– Your vehicle will be in the same truck during the whole transportation process.


What about the quotes from different companies? Are they guaranteed? 


All quotes that you receive from different companies are based on approximate calculations. Sometimes companies provide low (far from real) quotes to make a deal. 


A quote is based on previously accepted by carriers’ rates on a similar route. A wealth of experience in car shipping business allows companies to meet 99% of their quotes, but companies should be to be upfront about it. You will know the final total price before your vehicle will be picked up and when the specific driver will be assigned to the order. Companies will not pick up the vehicle without your confirmation of the final total price. 


The sad truth about car shipping process:


1) Nobody can guarantee quotes! All quotes that you receive from different companies are based on approximate calculations and should be approved by a driver. The market works like an auction. The higher the price – the easier it is to get a driver. Carriers will accept the highest-paying loads first, so if you are in a rush ask your broker to add $100-$150 to the carrier, it will double your chances to get high-quality drivers faster. 


2) All companies are brokers! They do not own trucks, they act as a middleman to connect you with an actual driver and take broker fee.  


3) All brokers use CentralDispatch – national load board. This website accepts only registered and licensed companies, so there is no way for you to get an account and get a driver yourself. Brokers can claim they have a driver ready right next to your door, but in fact, they will post your information to CentralDispatch and search for an available driver. 


4) Some brokers do not care about customers – they care about the turnover. Let’s face it – 90% of all customers ship cars once or twice in the whole lifetime. So why bother about the service? Brokers will tell you what you want to hear, offer price that you can afford and charge you more on the pickup day. Classic bait and switch. Suggestion – check the online reviews before placing the order. It’s very important and mandatory.