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Yellowfin Logistics earned a 8.9/10 in Transportli consumer survey. The company offers a wide range of services but may not be the best match for customers seeking budget-friendly transportation.

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Updated: 0/04/2022

Author: Steve Palmer

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Yellowfin Logistics snapshot

Yellowfin Logistics LLC is a car shipping logistics company that has been providing vehicle shipping services starting from the beginning of 2022. They offer high quality customer service, competitive pricing, and quick turn-around times. They are headquartered in Las Vegas, NV and have agents around the country to meet the needs of their many customers.

Founded: 2022
Headquarters:  8022 S Rainbow Blvd UNIT 180, Las Vegas, NV 89139
Service Area: U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska
USDOT: 3292887
MC: 1043046
Phone: (888) 223-5038

Business description: From 1st contact to delivery, thousands of customers count on us to facilitate 5-star Auto Transportation services nationwide. Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured.


Total score based on 5 factors indicated below

8.9 out of 10

Yellowfin Logistics is one of the top new car shipping companies in the USA

Yellowfin Logistics Score Basics

  • Industry standing among other companies score 99.8 on CentralDispatch- 9.9 total
  • Legal standing score – 10 total
  • Customer reviews score (Google – 4.1 stars, Transportreviews – 5 stars, BBB – B+, Yelp – 3.5 stars) – 9.1 total
  • Online presence score (website, phone, chat, instant quotes) – 7.5 total
  • Our internal take score – 8 total

Google – 4.1 stars

TR – 5 stars

BBB – B+

Yelp – 3.5 stars


No upfront payments

Personal approach

Large service area

Multiple services



No instant quotes

Price higher than quoted

Bottom Line

Yellowfin Logistics LLC is a well-known third party logistics company that has been providing excellent service for many years. They offer a range of services that fit the needs of all their clients.

Yellowfin Logistics cost

it is reported that some quotes from Yellowfin Logistics are slightly higher than average. We analyzed more than 200 Yellowfin Logistics client’s shipping orders and here is a price chart breakdown.

It’s worth noticing that prices change in accordance with the market standing and costs associated with the season/fuel/weather.



















Yellowfin Logistics services


Open shipping services are in highest demand as it is the fastest to schedule and the most economical. Your vehicle is loaded onto an open trailer with roughly 10 other vehicles. These vehicles are tightly strapped in and secured. An Open-Trailer does not offer much protection from the elements.



This offers a higher degree of security and protection for your vehicle as it is loaded with only a few other vehicles and is completely protected from the elements. Enclosed-Trailer shipments are charged at a premium rate and slightly more difficult to schedule.



Also known as house-to-house, this shipping service ensures your Carrier will transport your vehicle from and to any address you specify.


Industry Experts

We have a diverse team of Auto Shipping Specialists who have extensive experience under the hood. You can be confident in the fact that your vehicle is being handled by industry veterans. Our experts will facilitate the entire process from booking straight through to having your vehicle delivered to your door.


Dedicated Advisors

From the very first point of contact, you will have a Dedicated Auto Shipping Advisor assigned to your order. Your Advisor will walk you through every step of the process to ensure your shipping experience flows seamlessly from point A to point B


Custom Solutions

We know that every shipment is unique. Our team of experts work tirelessly to ensure you are provided with custom-built solutions for every situation. In a volatile industry, you can trust that the full weight of our expertise will ensure your vehicle gets to you safely.



How To Ship With Yellowfin Logistics

STEP 1 – Free Consultation
Request a quote and a Designated Auto Shipping Advisor will be assigned to you. Your Advisor will do an assessment of the current market trends that could affect pricing and carrier availability. This assessment helps your Advisor better negotiate with Carriers on your behalf and will ensure you are informed of what to expect going forward.

STEP 2 – Place An Order
Once you book Yellowfin as your Broker, our Dispatch Department will start working on your order. Your Advisor will inform you when Carriers express interest in shipping your vehicle. As these are merely offers, you are not obliged to accept any bid that does not meet your schedule or budget priorities.

Step 3 – Book Your Carrier
Once you accept an offer, a Shipping Agreement will be finalized and your spot reserved with the Carrier. All terms will be outlined in this document for your review and signature.

Step 4 – Confirm Pick-Up
A Dispatch Notice provides all contact information for your Carrier. It is recommended that you call your Carrier prior to the pickup date to confirm all arrangements directly with the Driver they’ve assigned to you. Your Yellowfin Advisor is available should you need any additional assistance.

STEP 5 – Vehicle Transportation
The Carrier is required to keep you updated on the status of your shipment prior to pick-up and delivery. However, your Yellowfin Advisor remains available to you at all times to address any concerns or assist with status updates.

STEP 6 – Delivery
The Carrier will do a final inspection of your vehicle and will document this in the Bill of Lading (BOL). Sign the BOL after you’ve personally confirmed the condition of the vehicle. Payment to the Carrier is made on delivery in cash, cashiers cheque or money order.

Yellowfin Logistics reviews

Yellowfin Logistics reviews are strong. The company doesn’t have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an B+ rating. Yellowfin Logistics has a BBB customer review score of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars.. On Transporreviews, Yellowfin Logistics has a customer review score of 5 based on over 162 reviews.

Yellowfin Logistics is diligent about replying to positive and negative reviews, responding to 62 percent of reviews. Just over 20 percent of reviewers explicitly say they recommend this auto transport provider to others.

Yellowfin Logistics FAQ

Q. How far in advance should I book my vehicle shipment?

A. As Carriers rarely plan their hauls more than a few days prior to departure, we recommend that you book your shipment roughly 3-5 days prior to your desired pick-up date. Although booking earlier could still play to your advantage, Carriers seldom express interest in shipments far in advance.


Q. Can I arrange the pick-up and delivery of my vehicle for specific dates and times?

A. Due to the numerous variables that could unexpectedly affect a Carrier’s progress during transit, it is very difficult to guarantee exact dates and times for pick-up and/or delivery. Delays caused by other customers using the same hauler, traffic congestion, accidents, mechanical malfunctions and weather are common factors that may cause a Carrier to run behind schedule. Yellowfin will always work to ensure the service you receive matches your requested timeline as closely as possible, however we will never make guarantees to our customers that we are not absolutely certain our partners can honor.


Q. Do I need to be present at the pick-up and/or drop-off of the vehicle?

A. You, or a person you authorize to handle the transactions on your behalf, will need to be present to hand over and accept the vehicle. If you cannot personally be present, we would require that you notify us of this fact prior to pick-up. We would also ask that you provide us with the name and contact numbers for the person/s you have appointed to be present in your stead.


Q. How do I pay for the service?

A. Our payment process is simple and straightforward. We do not require upfront payment for our services. Once we successfully match a Carrier to your requirements, we would then process a deposit. The balance for your shipment will be due on pick-up or delivery. This can be paid directly to the driver with cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

Yellowfin Logistics review summary

With over 50 years of combined industry experience in handling all types of products, Yellowfin Logistics LLC has an excellent track record for providing quality warehousing and distribution services to their clients. They also offer competitive pricing that is hard to beat with prices that are lower than some of the other third party logistics companies.

Why choose Yellowfin Logistics LLC.

They offer flexible car shipping programs to meet the needs of all their clients. Yellowfin Logistics has a full range of logistics services that are handled by a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined industry experience.

They have extensive experience in handling products which include: cars, boats, motorcycles and many more various industries. Their fast and accurate order fulfillment processes provide personalized customer service support as well as excellent inventory management. Yellowfin Logistics LLC is also involved in several community-based initiatives showing their dedication to helping local communities across the country.

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Yellowfin Logistics Reviews

Great experience

Rated 5 out of 5
July 16, 2022

Great experience! I was nervous about shipping, but all went well. A special shout out to Emile for walking me thru, and the driver, Vasserian (spelling?) who weathered a snow storm in the mountains but still got here on the promised date.


Will recommend Yellowfin

Rated 5 out of 5
July 16, 2022

First time buying anything major online. Found 2008 Chrysler Pacifica in Texas. Contacted by Lucas and got great info on trucking to California. He got things going and setup pickup and delivery. Went flawless, great service and kept me up to date on status. Will recommend Yellowfin to anyone needing to truck an automobile.