Tom Love Transportation Review

Tom Love Transportation earned a 6.5/10 in Transportli consumer survey. The company offers a wide range of services but may not be the best match for customers seeking budget-friendly transportation.

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4 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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Updated: 08/11/2022

Author: Steve Palmer

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Tom Love Transportation snapshot

Founded: 2004
Headquarters: 953 Deer Creek Road Ardmore, OK 73401
Service Area: U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska
Phone: 800.783.4124

Business description: Nationwide Transport


Total score based on 5 factors indicated below

6.5 out of 10

Tom Love Transportation is not responding to our requests

Tom Love Transportation Score Basics

  • Industry standing among other car shipping companies score – 5 total
  • Legal standing score – 0 total
  • Customer reviews score (Google – , Transportreviews – , BBB – , Yelp – ) – 7 total
  • Online presence score (website, phone, chat, instant quotes) – 5 total
  • Our internal take score – 3 total

Google – 5 stars

TR – 4 stars

BBB – A+

Yelp – 2 stars


Great prices

24-7 support

Large service area

Multiple services


Bait and switch tactics

No instant quotes

Controversial reviews

Bottom Line

Tom Love Transportation offers low-cost car shipping, including services to ship various vehicles and motorcycles. While some reviews are controversial and contain bait and switch tactic feedbacks overall the company is in a good standing among customers.

Tom Love Transportation services

Nationwide Transport

Door to Door Service

Friendly Knowledgeable Staff

Network Dependable Carriers

Unmatched Knowledge of the Transport Business from the ground up

Tom Love Transportation FAQ

Can you arrange a terminal service?

Terminal services can always be arranged, however, terminals do charge additional fees and therefore, we prefer to give our customers door to door service whenever possible to avoid unnecessary charges.


Will you pick up and deliver my vehicle door to door?

We make every effort possible to provide you with a door to door transport service, however, in some circumstances where your vehicle may be located or needing delivery in a residential area that may not allow commercial trucks, either due to weight and size constraints, low hanging trees, or low bridges, we will ask that you coordinate arrangements with the driver to arrange pick up and / or delivery at a nearby parking lot or area convenient to you, that is accessible by the transporter, which is safe for the loading or unloading of your vehicle.

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