Do you know that when you need to transport your vehicle you don’t have to work with millions of brokers? Yes, this is right; you can just search for car transporters for hire. Who is an individual car transporter? Basically, it is the truck owner or operators or just simple drivers.

Why is the difference between car transporters for hire and shipping company?

The difference is that you don’t have to pay the shipping company’s fee for their services. You will pay directly to the truck driver for your vehicle delivery. Also, shipping brokers don’t have their own trucks, they only provide the whole range of transport services.

The other option is to hire an individual driver who will drive your car just exactly to the place you need it. Those two are the cheapest methods of vehicle transportation, but, perhaps, not the easiest one.

The first difficulty occurs when you try to find car transporters for hire. Typically these are small businesses that don’t have any web or money for a commercial so you will have to look through all official sources with registered companies.

The second obstacle that can arise is that truck owners prefer to work with shipping companies not with individuals. Even when you find the driver who is ready to take your vehicle, you will have to wait till his truck is fully loaded. When questions about prices, pick up and delivery places are resolved, do not forget to check whether the truck driver is licensed and fully insured.

Individual car transporter or a professional driver, what to choose?

This is a question of your preferences. A professional car driver, potentially, can ship your car faster than car transporter but your vehicle will have extra mileage and wear, plus the extra cost for driver’s meal and hotel stay. Of course, a driver is not an option if your vehicle is inoperable. No matter what decision you take, fundamental research will help to avoid significant difficulties during vehicle transportation. Read reviews, special blogs, topics, articles or just email for information request.

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