The entire industry of vehicle transport is filled with deceitful transporters and brokers. Moreover you can also find steady increase in reports filed against auto transporters and transport brokers. Therefore, the best you can do for yourself is to avoid being a part of this. For this, you need to be wary regarding selection of the appropriate transport company.


For this purpose, luckily we’ve got the Better Business Bureau accreditation which is the most reliable resource for anyone looking to find out whether any issues are faced by other customers from any company and the ways through which the resolution was resolved. If you’re seeking reliable company you can look out for the information in the BBB website with reviews.


While moving personal vehicles across the country might appear quite challenging at the beginning. Whether you hop behind wheel or use Auto Transport Company, you can consider a lot of things.


There are a lot of good vehicle transportation companies around the market. However, these BBB accredited companies work for the job.


You can check on certain BBB best rated auto transport companies to look out for the best fit.



Montway Auto Transport


The company is among the largest auto shippers you can have around. This offers different options for college students to car aficionados. If you’re searching the market for professional auto transport that is BBB accredited, Montway can surely be considered.



Sherpa Auto Transport


The professional BBB auto transport agency works well in all aspects, especially when it comes to have the customer at first. They also have transperacny in quotes and offer car wash for free for their all moves. When it comes to delivering satisfactory customer service, Sherpa professionals take their work quite seriously. The best example here is their attractive policy for pricing.





Although the AmeriFreight’s website wouldn’t be among the most polished of all from bunch, the company offers different guarantee and services and this can be expected from auto tier transport in top tier list. Also, this has most impressive discount lineup compared to other people on the list.





This isn’t your conventional company with BBB accreditation as this is a marketplace for shipping through which you can easily a lot of items ranging from anything to your car and cat. This saves you from any headache of coordinating with different companies for accomplishing single move. No matter what vehicle you’ve go, it can be professionally moved by uShip.



Ship a Car Direct


The company Ship a Car Direct started its operations in the year 2008 and it has also grown to be among highest-rated shippers of automobile in business. In case if various other companies on the list does not fit your requirements, the Better Business Bureau accredited business is a vital option for enclosed and open shipments.



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Discovering a new ding or scratch would be something unwanted on delivery day. This is better to get in an enclosed transport as it significantly reduces any risks associated with damage, but still a lot of accidents happen.


The carrier is BBB accredited and insured and everything during the journey is taken care of.


Unlike most other companies, Ship a Direct Car offers its customer with total transparency and provides a rough price range for all your vehicle shipments without the need of any email addresses.


With ship a car this transparency is possible without the need of any other personal information as well.


The BBB accredited company is a better place for people who wish to secure their private information without getting unnecessary alerts for marketing.


All these transportation businesses might be accredited with the Better Business Bureau same as you see with most universities and colleges. BBB best rated auto transportation companies need to pay a monthly consideration fee. This varies from the size of company to the total number of company employees.


AS the automobile shipping industry doesn’t offer much regulation and oversight like various other industries, you should have important organizations such as BBB that assure the authenticity of the company on consumer’s behalf. All complaints raised against the company can be seen in the BBB website with resolution in issues as well. This and other such information is also vital for determining whether the company that you hired would do the job effectively or not? Make sure to check company policies before assigning any shipping project to BBB best rated auto transport companies.



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