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How does auto transport work?


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Auto Transport Companies

Cars are often among our most prized assets, and for good reason! These beautiful machines open up the world to us by making transportation convenient and safe. As a result of the value our cars bring to our lives, they have transitioned from being mere machines to become companions. That’s why, when it comes to car care, we are always on the lookout for the best service for our trusty ride. Whether it’s getting a part repaired or car shipping for a big relocation, you want to find a reliable company to deliver premium services. 

What You Need to Know About Car Shipping Companies

What are auto transport companies

Professional auto transport companies offer us a simple and easy way to get our car to the destination of our choosing. This service is perfect for situations where you are relocating but don’t have the time or energy to drive, or if you purchased a new vehicle and want it delivered to your doorstep.

How do car transport companies move your vehicle? 

To move your automobile safely over long distances, car transport companies use specially designed trucks. Trained professionals handle the entire moving process, from pickup to delivery. The cars are protected from the elements and rigors of transport with special equipment, so no harm will come to your vehicle. In some cases, air or sea transport might also be used by the company to facilitate long-distance car shipping. 

Who Requires the Services of Vehicle Transport Companies

Individuals who are moving 

Moving to a new destination and want to avoid the hassles of driving your car yourself? Car moving companies offer exactly the help you need. Relocating is stressful enough already, so there’s good reason to avoid the problems associated with driving – especially when traveling over long distances and/or through unfamiliar territories. 

Those who have purchased a new vehicle 

With the rise of online commerce, it is increasingly common to purchase vehicles from vendors outside of your city. Whether it’s because you wanted access to a rare car that wasn’t available in nearby, or you just found a better deal in another region, vehicle transport companies have got you covered. A reliable company will guarantee to deliver your new car right to your doorstep in its exact purchase condition. 

Companies with vehicles

Businesses might also need the services of car hauling companies. If you have to move multiple company cars, using vehicle transport companies is likely the most cost-effective and safe solution. Entrusting the job to car transport companies saves the time, money, and headaches associated with handling it themselves. 

Car Dealers 

To be a successful car dealer, you want the cars you display on your dealership floor to be in pristine condition – spotless and sleek. For this reason, hiring a car shipping company is the best way to go. The complete car protection guarantee ensures that each vehicle arrives in exactly the state it was picked up in, with no added miles. 

What Value Do Professional and Reliable Auto Transport Companies Offer? 

A good car shipping company offers a wealth of experience and expertise 

The best car shipping companies have a huge amount of experience and expertise in vehicle transport that they can tap into. They will be able to plan the best possible routes to ensure both prompt delivery and safe car shipping. They will also have the knowledge to advise you on the best car shipping method for your vehicle type and destination. 

The best auto transport companies offer multiple car shipping options

Professional automotive moving companies offer a wide range of car shipping options you can select from. This way, you can pick the car shipping option that best fits your budget, timeline, and vehicle. 

Professional auto shipping companies possess international licenses 

A reputable car shipping company will be able to safely transport your automobile overseas as well as across the country. Look for certification by the major governing bodies of commerce and shipping, such as the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission), the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Licenses provide proof that a car shipping company has the capability and expertise to perform flawless transport for your vehicle. 

Why Use Car Moving Companies?


Sure, you can always do it yourself. At first glance, the DIY car shipping option might seem cheaper, but driving your own car over long distances comes with loads of inconveniences. When the price of hiring a car shipping company is compared to the total cost spent on DIY, you will find that auto shipping companies offer a higher value for your money. 

First of all, DIY requires you to spend a lot of your valuable time on the road. You’ll need to factor in gas money as well as the damage that accompanies increased mileage on the car. There are also motel costs and meal purchases for the duration of your time on the road, not to mention the fatigue, stress, and physical strain associated with long trips. On top of that, you’ll have to prepare for the risk of a breakdown that could further extend your trip on the road. A car shipping company helps save you from all these issues. 

Simply put, there are more valuable ways you could be spending your time, especially if you’re in the process of relocating and starting fresh somewhere. Pursue more important ventures while your vehicle is brought to your destination for you by professionals. This is especially important if your car delivery has a deadline date and you need to have it on time. 

Protection for your car and you 

Through the use of covered trucks and special equipment, car hauling companies provide the highest level of protection for vehicles they move. Scratches, dents, and dust are non-issues with professional shipping, making it the best method for car dealers, corporations, individuals with luxury cars, and anyone who wants their vehicle to arrive in perfect condition. 

Thorough security measures eliminate the possibilities of auto theft or accidents. You get to relax, rest easy, and comfortably awaiting the safe arrival of your prized car. 

You also enjoy vehicle insurance coverage when hiring a car shipping company. In the unlikely event your vehicle suffers damage during transit, everything would be taken care of and you would be reimbursed appropriately in no time. The car transport company has a reputation to maintain, and will take these matters seriously.

The 10 Best Car Hauling Companies of the Year 




Arguably the best car shipping company in the United States, AmeriFreight has an excellent company rating from the BBB board. The company provides one of the best car shipping services in the auto transport industry.

AmeriFreight might be especially useful if you are relocating more than just your car; they offer a comprehensive range of shipping services that are not restricted to vehicles. You could save money and stress by trusting one agent with all your moving matters. 


Ship A Car Direct 


An A+ score on the BBB company rating board coupled with quality customer service makes Ship a Car Direct one of the best auto transport companies in the US. Though the company functions as a broker, it proves highly efficient in connecting automobile owners with a reliable and professional car shipping carrier. 

Getting car shipping quotes right from the company’s website is easy. Car shipping services on offer include both enclosed and open-vehicle transportation. 


MoverJet Logistics


Trustpilot rates Moverjet Logistics one of the best car shipping companies in the United States. The company offers a wide variety of car shipping options, including air transport. You can also ship heavy machinery and other equipment – not just cars. 

MoverJet Logistics offers its clients a “pay on delivery option”, which speaks to the company’s ability to provide prompt and safe shipping. You get to make your payments when you receive your vehicle, intact and on time. The car moving company will deliver straight to your doorstep. For peace of mind, you can monitor your vehicle while it’s in transit with the company’s real-time tracking technology. 




If you’re ever in need of a car moving company that can provide detailed price quotes like none of their competitors, look no further than uShip. They have a refreshing new approach to brokering services. Through the uShip site, clients can access accurate quotes from multiple car shipping carriers and determine what would be the best deal for them. 

It’s not just vehicle shipping – uShip’s services extend to virtually anything you can think of, from a home entertainment system to a new pet. 




Established in 2017, this car shipping marketplace/broker serves as an intermediary between the car owners and selected professional carrier companies. Highly reliable and having formed great partnerships over the years, the car hauling company provides both enclosed and open car shipping services. Get price quotes through the link provided on GetCarrier’s website. 

When it comes to insurance coverage, no one drives a better bargain than GetCarrier with its highly rated protection plan. Customers get to enjoy additional insurance coverage on their vehicle outside of the carrier company’s insurance coverage. On top of that, reimbursement is issued if the carrier company fails to complete transport within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery time.




Montway is one of the best car shipping companies you can find, as they offer extremely high-quality vehicle transport services. The brokering company gives customers a range of options. You can call them for price quotes, or get them online via Montway’s website. You can pay upfront or pay on delivery with cash. 

Montway is known for reliable price quotes, good discounts, and door-to-door delivery. 


Sherpa Auto Transport 


A car transport company created to make a difference, Sherpa Auto Transport is widely regarded as the best car shipping company in the game. The company offers accurate price quotes and deals with worldwide car shipping transportation for all types of vehicles.

What’s more, they offer a complimentary car wash within 7 days of delivery. Sherpa provides customers with a detailed analysis of their transport services. 


RoadRunner Auto Transport


RoadRunner offers both international and local vehicle relocation. The company is arguably one of the best auto transport companies in terms of service and customer satisfaction. Clients have a range of delivery options to choose from, including door-to-door pickup and delivery. If you need to perform car shipping for a special vehicle, this company has you covered. 


Allied Van Lines


Allied Van Lines can haul your vehicle to a new home, or even haul your whole home to a new location with their fleet of transport trucks. The brokering company connects customers with a carrier company that is guaranteed to seal the deal at a bargain rate. 

Their company policy not to provide online quotes is unusual for a major car shipping company. Fee quotes are provided by phone as opposed to the online system many have become accustomed to. However, some might prefer this more personal approach. Allied Van Lines make up for this minor inconvenience with their nationwide presence.


Executive Auto Shippers LLC


Executive Auto Shippers comes highly recommended by corporations and individuals alike. The company offers customers multiple discounts on its services. You can also keep tabs on your vehicle while it’s in transit with their tracking system. 

Enclosed transport and open transport service are provided by the car shipping company. They also offer a robust insurance policy that takes care of any damage to your vehicle.